I Like My Effigies Filled with Candy.

Me likes Threadless. Me chooses to tell you that $10 shirts are back. I purchased Fiesta Fiasco!.

We've been doing the pinata (the tilde is in my other keyboard) thing for my soon to no longer be preschooler for a few years now. Some people are concerned about injuries. Some are concerned that pinatas (again, the other keyboard) encourage violence against animals. Ok…I don't know if anyone really does. But the thought makes me giggle. And the giggle has stirred up a memory of a Johnny Bravo episode where our lunkheaded hero valiantly attempts to save a pinata (enough already) from its inevitable fate. Of course, it's to impress a girl (an animal activist, naturally, and he thinks it's actually a real animal.

I don't think video games cause real violence either. In any case where video games, music, and movies have been scapegoated. There is typically a psychological profile, domestic environment, or some sort of abuse that is closer to the cause. Needless to say, that doesn't mean people can't find individual video games, music, or movies to be abhorrent (never used that word, thought I'd give it a try, correct me if I'm wrong, ridicule me if I'm ignorant). Sure, that will happen but unless the song, movie, or game is connected to some type of Manchurian Candidate conditioning, then I think we're pretty safe from these artistic endeavors.

Don't tell me video games aren't art. Or tell me that nothing is art.

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