Kissinger of Death

The president and vice president often meet with Henry Kissinger as an adviser. They do this in person, I would suppose so they can all compare hands and see whose hands have the most blood on them. Then they talk about the merits of certain brands of soap for removal of said blood. Unless of course they like to leave the dried blood on sometimes to remind their underlings of their unchecked power. This from CBS News:

Woodward also reports that the president and vice president often meet with Henry Kissinger, who was President Richard Nixon’s secretary of state, as an adviser. Says Woodward, “Now what’s Kissinger’s advice? In Iraq, he declared very simply, ‘Victory is the only meaningful exit strategy.'” Woodward adds. “This is so fascinating. Kissinger’s fighting the Vietnam War again because, in his view, the problem in Vietnam was we lost our will.”

Quite disturbing.

And I'm ashamed that both New Jersey Democrats, Lautenberg and Menendez both supported the Torture Bill. Thanks guys. When's Ned Lamont moving to New Jersey?

The Truth Spoken.

I've been doing a million different things and nothing at all lately. But I'm glad I popped over to see what Warren Ellis has been talking about lately. And his words were not needed. Keith Olbermann said it all.

If I have any duty as an American, it is to link to Olberman's commentary.

And here's a link to the Bill Clinton interview on Fox News.

Like most of America of been distracted and sometimes unconsciously sought distraction, so here's something back to anyone who still wanders my way.


Yes, indeed. I'll be purchasing this one, I'm sure. Games don't need to be all about photorealism, and immersion into what seems to be a different life, yet still in our world, or using our first person and peripheral vision as the frame of reference. The power on these game systems can be harnessed in ways that reinvent things. Perhaps at some point we'll even see something similar to an RPG taking place in a Cubist environment. If someone can figure out a way to play Jackson Pollock painting, I'm for it. As the envelope is pushed, the results all across the board will improve.

popemobile vs. Batmobile

Popemobile is not a proper noun. Therefore, unless popemobile begins a sentence, such as the previous sentence, it is not necessary to capitalize popemobile. Although popemobile must be capitalized, when referring to the Australian indie rock band, Popemobile.

I probably should have capitalized popemobile in this article title, but I chose not to. Yes, I used a bit of license. I wonder if one needs a specialized license to drive a popemobile. Perhaps some sort of CDL test must be passed.

Unlike popemobile, Batmobile must always be capitalized. Perhaps this is because there is only one Batman, while there have been many popes. In the US, president is capitalized when used as a title, e.g. President Clinton. Otherwise president would not be capitalized, the same logic seems to follow with pope. No matter what actor played Batman, or who drew the comic, it was still the same Batman. One Batman, one Batmobile. No other “Batmen” (I give up, should that be capitalized during speculative use), drive a Batmobile. There are not multiple Batmobiles available in different countries for Batman's use. (Though given Bruce Wayne's wealth, you would think he'd probably have a fleet of Batmobiles, but he was too busy to get caught up int he bling factor.)

Although, I'm sure Batmobile is a trademarked term in the DC Comics canon. And if DC says capital letter, then it gets a capital letter.

Now then shouldn't Green Lantern then be lower case at times. It is a title given to many different guardians of various sectors of the universe, and there have been at least 4 or 5 different Green Lanterns on Earth alone. (Amazing that Green Lanterns come in at of service, but Bruce Wayne is seemingly eternal.)

If a layman in the DC Comics universe said, “For my money Hal Jordan was the best green lantern I've seen in my lifetime,” then lowercase may appropriate, would it not?

This has gone from me just wanting to note the difference between “P” and “p”, to something so much bigger and so much more convoluted, that right now I wish I never started this stupid blog. I will never see this last hour again. Granted there was a distractdion wher I read about the Swiss Guard, the Sack of Rome, Pope John Paull II, Jan Hus, and ten othe things on Wikipedia, but alas, I've got nothing left in me for linking. You're on your own, you've got the tools. You've got the Google and the Wikipedia. You can cut and paste a few things in the search fields. There's no guarantee my links would be any better than those you'll find.

Some things can't wait till morning OR My Blogging Technique is Unstoppable.

I felt compelled to post right here, right now. Normally many, many wonderful posts never make it here or are delayed, just because…umm…sorry…where was I? I think I was going to mention something about an attention span, or lack thereof. (I like thereof, as much as I like albeit, even steven no more no less, one seems a mashup, the other probably some sort of mashup after prolonged microwave exposure.) Yeah, so either it's an attention span thing, or laziness, or that same quality that tends to cause many of us to read those blurbish articles in the front pages of magazines, while forgoing anything that extends beyond two pages that isn't chock full of lovely pictures, unless of course we're in the loo, since we are then held captive by our own colon.

The reason I post, is Banksy. I could go to some lengths (albeit, short lengths (there's the albeit, and my calling card nested parentheses again)) to search to see whether I've mentioned Banksy before, here at TBIMB. I'm nearly certain, I have, but I choose to hypothesize without a definitive proof.

Yeah, Banksy. UK-based stencil artist, does the cute thing, does the political thing. Master of both stencil and switcharoo. Like Savior Faire, he indeed is everywhere. And now he fucks with the diamond-encrusted trainwreck that two consenting adults once begat and granted the moniker Paris Hilton.

Paris came out with a CD, apparently, she sings. I know this because I've heard it. Banksy says, let's have a little fun with Paris, since at this point he's probably the only one who hasn't.

I am the first link.

I am the second link.

To explain the rest would be like Aquaman explaining his actual summoning of a school of hammerhead sharks to yada, yada, yada. In other words, the links tell the story. If the links don't in this case, then there is no sense linking. We don't need no superhero voiceovers telling us what our eyes do a much better job of.

I end sentences with of. I did it again of. That last one didn't need the of. Nor that one.


Letters to Keegan

Fell asleep after reading The Polar Express tonight. Am now up, but not sure for how long, sleep didn't really happen much on the previous night. This happens occasionally. And usually when it does it's rather non-productive, since sleeping is what I'd rather be doing, and anything constructive done during that time, while albeit constructive (again) is likely reduce the chance of sleep. And when morning comes, that's when 15-month olds further reduce the possibility of sleep.

If there was a bumpersticker below the “Kick Me” sign on my back right now, it would read “My other body is a sleep.”

Shit…am I talking to you or am I posting to my blog?

Looks like it could work either way.


I neglected to mention the treadmill performance on the VMAs. My wife knew when this wabout to start as she noticed a few people walking around backstage with orange jumpsuits labeled “TREADMILL TECHNICIAN”. She's got a good eye for these things. She always somehow picks up on the lack of continuity when cigarette lengths, and beverage glass levels don't quite match in the movies.