More Fat for the Hogs

Rush Limbaugh has the rocks to charge people $49.95 to donate a 1 year subscription to his web site and newsletter. Considering that he's going to be doing the content anyway for people who subscribe to it, basically he's war profiteering under the guise of charity. Nice job, Fatty.

Ultra-conservative to insane viewpoints are one thing. Doctor shopping for prescription drugs is another. But please, oh please give me one good reason why I shouldn't send troops some non-perishable food that no matter the trans fat content will taste infinitely better than rations, or perhaps the much reuested clean underwear and socks (Mom wasn't kidding when she said to always make sure you have clean underwear. Particularly when you're thousands of miles from home and finding a laundromat not your top priority.), but instead give them access to a web site, since the guys on the front line need to know how you think Clinton is still responsible for today's problems. Because that's exactly what they need when they're picking up pieces of debris off the ground to weld on to their humvees. You know, the one's that use the armor.

I heard about this on Howard Stern this morning, and then read more online. I visited Rush's site hoping that it was already taken down with an apology for letting greed get in the way of charity. Perhaps if Mr. Limbaugh owned an oil company or weapons manufacturer this would not have happened. But since he doesn't he aparently needed some kind of way to cash in.

I noticed he wasn't on the air this afternoon. Hopefully someone was trying to talk some sense into him about this. There's no picture in this post because I don't want to look at him. But here's the obligatory link to his “Adopt a Soldier” program.

And here's a couple e-mail addresses that are attached to the site. In case you want to send “fan mail”:

Nothing much

I've never watched Trading Spouses, but I've seen that recent commercial with that woman screaming her head off quite a few times. You have as well. And it has scarred your brain like the maze etched onto the screen of an old Pac-Man machine that's never been unplugged.

Now is she or is she not the bus driver from South Park? Her name is Margaret, as far as I can tell? I don't know the name of the bus driver though?

Can't find pic of her now. Sleep calls me, so I leave. But if you've seen South Park, I'm sure you'll agree. And that picture up top doesn't do Margaret justice, the commercials showed her screaming her head off, but not screaming, “SIT DOWN, KID!” Fox will probably switch up the pictures on their web site by the time people read this in the late morning, and readers will just scratch their heads.


My son and I just gathered up cousins Miso and Twinkle as We Love Katamari continues to rule our PS2. I bought the original game originally (there's probably a word for that use of grammar, right there, I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure any style guide will tell you not to do it), so I'd have an alternative to games like GTA that I only play when the kids are asleep. Namco came out with a great game (and a great sequel) that anyone can enjoy, that just happens to be nonviolent.

Although the downside is that now my son, who's nearly five, asks me about playing daily, and it's kinda hard to say no, because (1) yeah I kinda would like to play, and (2) my gimpy back makes playing video games easier than pushing trucks across the hardwood and tile floors down on all four.

I grew up with video games, yes they are quite a bit different today than when I was a kid, but it should better prepare for raising kids in this era than those parents that never “got it”.

Besides, at 35, I've got a really small window before he crushes me at every game.

Are these pictures of the first ever KatamariCon? Or just a bunch of otakus? or is it just otaku? or otaki? kinda like octopi?

And a Japanese Katamari commercial.

About a year

Yeah…It was somewhere around this time last year, that this blog started. I find myself at a seminar in Atlantic City again, but this time I'm not watching the hitting prowess of David Ortiz against New York Yankee pitching. The seminar was a bit later this year, so baseball's over, and the only sports I've seen down here are the Sixers, which I could do without.

A lot has changed in a year. I've lost a father and gained a son. I've gotten a crash course in estate taxation, tenant/landlord relationships, probate, and all other kinds of financial shenanigans. I've mostly resisted my urge to buck all responsibility, but these things have a way of following you around so that won't do me any good.

But it's my last night in AC. I'm only $ 50 in the hole. I've got a full stomach, and I'm staying at the Tropicana which I highly recommend. You won't go hungry or dry at this place. But I tire of posting, there are other matters at hand. Like calling for a wake-up call, packing, and arranging for room service breakfast.