I Like My Effigies Filled with Candy.

Me likes Threadless. Me chooses to tell you that $10 shirts are back. I purchased Fiesta Fiasco!.

We've been doing the pinata (the tilde is in my other keyboard) thing for my soon to no longer be preschooler for a few years now. Some people are concerned about injuries. Some are concerned that pinatas (again, the other keyboard) encourage violence against animals. Ok…I don't know if anyone really does. But the thought makes me giggle. And the giggle has stirred up a memory of a Johnny Bravo episode where our lunkheaded hero valiantly attempts to save a pinata (enough already) from its inevitable fate. Of course, it's to impress a girl (an animal activist, naturally, and he thinks it's actually a real animal.

I don't think video games cause real violence either. In any case where video games, music, and movies have been scapegoated. There is typically a psychological profile, domestic environment, or some sort of abuse that is closer to the cause. Needless to say, that doesn't mean people can't find individual video games, music, or movies to be abhorrent (never used that word, thought I'd give it a try, correct me if I'm wrong, ridicule me if I'm ignorant). Sure, that will happen but unless the song, movie, or game is connected to some type of Manchurian Candidate conditioning, then I think we're pretty safe from these artistic endeavors.

Don't tell me video games aren't art. Or tell me that nothing is art.

I would order this, but I won't.

Strangers With Candy - Threadless, Best T-shirts EverI just end up with a lot of blue shirts, and at this point I'm running out or room for blue in my life. It may eventually affect my mood.

That said. It's a nice shirt, so what if it's blue. I can wear the same damn color every day, if I damn well please.

I have a Threadless blog, too. I post there rarely, but if I do it's bound to quite ordinary.

Let it be known.

I rolled up the Queen. No, not her. The Queen of All Cosmos. (She's the one on the right, sans facial hair.) It happened about three weeks ago, but it took awhile, and I actually had to wake up my son a little earlier in the morning to witness it, since he would never forgive me if I didn't. (You are entitled to your opinion of me as a parent, and if you decide to share it, then please share some hints on getting the 5 year old to eat vegetables as well.) I don't recall the exact size of the katamari necessary for rolling up her royal highness, but it had to be between 3000 and 3500 meters.

The animated gif is from the Panic web site. Fine purveyors of Mac software and Katamari Damacy t-shirts. Well, where else would you by them? Target ain't got 'em. I'm expecting my shirt soon. And in the meantime I'm debating of when to unveil the PSP in my house, and the family debut of Me & My Katamari. There's a five hour road trip coming up real soon, so it'll happen before then.

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KmikeyM – he who packs the shirts in mailing envelopes..

Shirt Update

It's nice when there's evidence that someone read your blog. I mean, besides your wife or the guy who sits next to you at work, who should be minding his own damn business. It's not his company, what the hell does he care what I'm doing on their time.

Indigo Clothing featured my recent charity t-shirt post. Hooray for me. Does anyone really want to read this self-gloating post? (Is there really any other kind of gloating?) Probably not, but how often do we get to express glee? (Actually fairly often, life's pretty good these days.)

Anyhow I found a subscriber as well. That's even more surprising. So thanks to those of you, and to those that read, I'll try to refrain from this type of post in the future.

I really just wanted to say that Threadless seems to be done with the Katrina shirts, you can request a reprint, but I don't know how soon that will happen, so in the meantime you may want to buy one of the others.

It Takes More Than a T-Shirt…

…but its a start.

I've spotted 3 different online stores with special T-Shirts created for benefitting victims of Hurricane Katrina. Let's hope the same people don't need additional help after Hurricane Rita hits land.

I wonder if/when Pat O'Brien's re-opens in New Orleans, will they still serve Hurricanes?

Without further adieu, I present the shirts:

1.) ThreadlessRegrowth: Katrina. Request a reprint if you want one. Threadless will contribute $20 to the Red Cross, for each $10 t-shirt.

2.) RopeADopeRenew Orleans. All Profits will go directly to the Preservation Hall Hurricane Relief Fund. Cost: $20 or $30 depending on which style.

3.) Mule Design (The Feed Store)Please Help New Orleans. All profits from this shirt will be donated to the Red Cross. $25.

Threadless Running Out of Threads.

Threadless still has tees left at $10, but only until June 6. I guess they'll be printing a whole new batch, but there's still some good stuff left. And some new shirts have just been made available at this bargain price. Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate Dark side of the Garden, featuring Darth Vader in Martha Stewart moment tending to his topiary, which just happens to be shaped like the Death Star. I also like We're Toast, Maxim Vixen, My Dearest Friend, Bye Pussy and Nothing (which I recently ordered).

Yes, I'm shilling for Threadless, but I like the whole user-submitted design process. If you want something to be made into a t-shirt, you can vote for the submissions, or design one yourself. There's currently a design competition involving IFC. Hence the nearby graphic.