Said The Blue Jay To The Cardinal

Today I was pondering a lot of different business/work decisions/ideas through my head on the way to my father's house. And when I arrived there was a blue jay on a wall, with a cardinal about 6 feet away on the grill. The jay was foraging, the cardinal…kinda just hangin'. I was fortunate enough to have a camera with me, but just unfortunate enough to have the cardinal fly off before I could start snapping. Although when I switched the camera to movie mode, the cardinal reappeared for a cameo before darting off again, kind of like what Christopher Walken does in some films.

Not long after, a gaggle of finches (don't know what to call it, but it was quite shy of a flock) came storming by like some sort of multiplayer whilring dervish, you know like binary stars, except with more than two. Must have been a courtship ritual with the young bucks trying to impress a dame. (It's really odd calling a finch a young buck, is it as odd to read?)

They departed as quickly as they arrived kind of like a teenage driver at a tangential relative's family function. The blue jay was completely nonplussed. He kind of looked at 'em like they were a bunch of fools, and went about his business. And yeah, it could have been a she, but I don't know enough about blue jays, except that they supposedly can be pretty nasty, but I believe that's when they perceive danger to their young, and I thing most of us would act the same, pecking on skulls and gouging out eyeballs and that sort of thing.

Anyway I thought this strange coupling may have been a sign that I was on to something with what I was thinking when I arrived, although then again maybe it was just a “Thanks for throwing down some new grass seed at the cemetery today, Son.” Or maybe it means I should go ahead to that bird preserve I was thinking about with my son this weekend. You know, once you start thinking too much you tend to ruin everything.

And the thinking never ends. The thing with the blue jays and the eyeballs a few lines back got me thinking about that “slicing up eyeballs” line in “Debaser” by The Pixies. So even though my much imagined mp3 blog, hasn't happened…yet. I'm gonna drop some Pixies on you for a limited time, and if Charles or Kim want me to take it down sooner, I invite them to let me know.

Pixies – Debaser

UPDATE: July, 24, 2008: I now know a little more about birds than I did 2 months ago. My so-called finches were actually sparrows, and apparently I don't have the movie file with the blue jay and the cardinal. Oh well.

Banana Stickers Are, Indeed…Metal

Metalocalypse amuses me. I know this because I've watched it twice. And read an interview in Electronic Musician with Brendon Small. Neither of those links go to the article. The Internets must be broken since I can't create link to the page of a magazine that's sitting on my floor. Stupid Internets!

Brendon Small? Isn't that the guy from Spinal Tap? (No, not that guy from Spinal Tap.)

This one.

Oh…Derek Smalls. Right.

Hype Begat Hype

I want to listen to Hype Machine today. So if the next 7800 people that read thisblogismyblog would please visit Hype Machine, I will be much happier at work today, and won't have to listen to this stupid creaking door somewhere off in the distance. Of course, I could listen my iPod or WFMU or something, but I wanted to listen to some mp3s over at my favorite mp3 blog aggregator, who has decided not to launch their new website until 10,000 people visit at the same time.

Bastards. The moniker is Hype Machine though, why should something like this not be expected?

The strange thing is…I feel so used. Right now, I'm doing exactly what they want me to do. And I can't say that I like it. Not that I don't use their site almost daily to find and hear new music. (Old music too, for that matter.) But still.

Although a stunt like this might backfire and get the RIAA looking their way. And their as much fun as a sack of wet mice.

In the time it's taken me to write this, only about 4 more people have visited the site. And don't remind how long I'll be waiting to listen to Hype Machine, if thisblogismyblog alone was responsible for directing 7800 more listeners.

Why are there so many pictures of Rainbows?

Because the kids need cover art for iTunes, that's why.

Right now I'm partial to #98. Yep the thumbnail. Go figure.

The nice thing is you can add a different graphic for each track. Things won't get stale that way. It's late so I won't listen to the whole album right now. But, in case you don't already know, here's where you can get Radiohead – In Rainbows.

The Moz Entertains

The other day “Sebastian”, although he may going by original name now that the summer is over, (long story, but anything involving a pseudonym usuallly is) requested I forward him this Morrissey track. It's a cover of “That's Entertainment” by The Jam. Which is the only song I can name from The Jam myself, so this isn't going to be one of those posts that educate about The Jam, or about Morrissey for that matter. But it's a good song that I've also heard covered by Ted Leo (sort of) on WFMU. He went on to suggest maybe I should listen to The Jam, and maybe I should.

This track appeared on the Just Say Anything compilation released in 1991. This CD also introduced me to the song “Another Girl, Another Planet”, which I had no idea at the time was a cover, but completely realized what a great song it was. The Only Ones were the original artist by the way, The Mighty Lemon Drops do a nice job with it though. I've heard some live Replacements performances of this track as well.

Morrissey – That's Entertainment
The Mighty Lemon Drops – Another Girl, Another Planet

Optimus Prime Doesn't Stop Drinking !!

Wired Magazine's cover story depicted Optimus Prime stepping in as a father figure for those whose father didn't bother. (I guess their Mom was the television. I think in my home the television is more like a deadbeat uncle that pays no rent, runs up our electrical bills, but fascinates the children with wonderful stories and games, in between commercials and a lot of crap.

Michael Bay is not alone on his mission to destroy these latchkey kids' kindergarten memories of their surrogate father. Capital Bullshit has beaten Mikey to the punch. Doesn't hurt that another childhood television legend, (I can't believe I just called him that) and German rock god (maybe I just justified that last comment, and no, I'm not talking about Klaus Meine) has provided the fodder for their celebrity parody mashup.


Optimus Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff's fall from grace.

Tasty spoon, indeed!


Huge freakin' statue of Optimus Prime. Thanks, Karate Party.