Radio Haze, Anime Phase, Each Passing Day…A Few More Grays

Many thanks to The Swankster for reminding me of how much I enjoyed the heyday of 106.3 WHTG here in the Garden State during the early 90's. I can't really add much more than I mentioned in the comments there, or maybe I can and I'm thinking I'd rather do something else tonight.

Also thanks for posting the Girlfriend video, it's amazing no one has destroyed it with a bad cover in recent years. At least my ears have been blessed by not hearing that hopefully imaginary cover. Girlfriend and Altered Beast are two essential CDs as far as I'm concerned. And I am concerned. (But I am not very concerned about consistency with the use of italics for titles, or what the proper use should be for italicizing titles. I'm making a concerned effort to be concerned…No…I'm not…I'm just full of shit…kind of.)

Since that video and reading an interview with Matthew Sweet talking about manga and anime, I've opened my eyes to that world and basked in the goodness that is Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and many others. Judging by the comments on YouTube, many others were turned on to anime by Sweet, as well.

Oh yeah, 106.3. The Matt Pinfeld years, those were good. 106.3 today, not so good. Although after commenting at Merry Swankster, I did catch some Dinosaur Jr. on the dial.

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