Jon Stewart at the Emmys

Topical and edgy. Comedy Central does better reporting than your local news. You know, that show that they advertise at every sitcom commercial break with those permasmile newsreaders shuffling papers engaged in faux conversation that has much less to do with current events, and more likely regarding moisturizers, since that's what news people do. (By, “that show”, I meant the “local news”, but you knew that, right?.)

Jon Stewart may actually have exceeded Eric Cartman as the biggest celebrity at Comedy Central. Who would have thought The Daily Show would end up doing the most journalism on television.

Blah blah blah. Funny stuff at the Emmys. A Kilborn says what? What's a Kilborn anyway, does that have something to do with post-delivery abortions?


enRAGEd – A collection of Rage Against the Machine mash-ups and remixes.

I couldn't find this with Google today, then I realized I had the link in an e-mail from the folks at what was formerly That site is now defunct (or at least orphaned), but has been replaced with Think less mp3s, more party promotion. Good luck, folks. Now where am I gonna go for my fill of M.I.A. mixes and mashes.

When is a Crook a Crook?

When he's Tom DeLay.

Indicted for criminal conspiracy in campaign financing, he's stepping down from his position as Speaker of the House.

I had to re-read the article before I realized it wasn't about the SEC investigation of Bill Frist. He sold his family's shares of HCA, which his family founded, one month before an announcement of weak earnings. So it very well may be insider trading. I wonder if Dr. Frist would get more assistance from the executive branch, if he fell in line with the party on stem cell research.

Anything on Roberts?

Paul Pope Exhibit

A Paul Pope solo exhibit will be at the Diesel Denim Gallery, 68 Greene Street, (Btwn Spring and Broome), New York, NY 10012, (212) 966-5593, through October 30. I got into the city recently but couldn't make it to the gallery before they closed, but I've got a little over a month to try again.

And read Heavy Liquid if you haven't already. Great stuff. I'm not kidding, and if you've read it already read it again, or stare at the pictures for awhile.

Lots of nice artwork at his web site to check out.

And if you go to to search for Paul Pope books, use the titles, or else you'll have pages of books by/about Pope John Paul II.

Shirt Update

It's nice when there's evidence that someone read your blog. I mean, besides your wife or the guy who sits next to you at work, who should be minding his own damn business. It's not his company, what the hell does he care what I'm doing on their time.

Indigo Clothing featured my recent charity t-shirt post. Hooray for me. Does anyone really want to read this self-gloating post? (Is there really any other kind of gloating?) Probably not, but how often do we get to express glee? (Actually fairly often, life's pretty good these days.)

Anyhow I found a subscriber as well. That's even more surprising. So thanks to those of you, and to those that read, I'll try to refrain from this type of post in the future.

I really just wanted to say that Threadless seems to be done with the Katrina shirts, you can request a reprint, but I don't know how soon that will happen, so in the meantime you may want to buy one of the others.

Brian Wood (Redux)

If you haven't read Brian Wood before, read Channel Zero.

Then check out Demo (the Becky Cloonan art is gorgeous) the new stuff like DMZ looks interesting too. I also enjoyed Couriers and Cous Cous Express.

My second in a series of lazy posts not formatted because the text was pulled directly from my e-mail. Was this necessary? Maybe not, but people like to make clicky-clicky, without messy pasting of URLs in the northern region of browser windows.