Beyond Sense and Reason

Why does someone who's got two kids and knows he's got to get up early in the morning still play video games occasionally until 4 am? If I could answer that, would I still be yawning as much as I am today?

I've finally gotten around to the copy of Beyond Good & Evil for PS2 that's been in my posession for some time now. It's a well made game with solid story, good controls, and action at times alternates between stealth, combat, platform, vehicle control, and photography (as a necessary part of gameplay). It was much lauded when it came out, but must not have sold enough to have a sequel. It's a shame.

I recommend picking up a copy if you haven't already. This is not a full blown review (Metacritic can find you some of those), but the mind juices needed a straw stuck in them to get posting again and this is that straw. slurp. slurp.

Further searching on the Internet has turn up an article at jumpbutton from an UbiSoft PR guy explaining why this game didn't sell. If I said it before, I'll say it again, it's quite a shame. Joystiq has posted on this as well.

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