Optimus Prime Doesn't Stop Drinking !!

Wired Magazine's cover story depicted Optimus Prime stepping in as a father figure for those whose father didn't bother. (I guess their Mom was the television. I think in my home the television is more like a deadbeat uncle that pays no rent, runs up our electrical bills, but fascinates the children with wonderful stories and games, in between commercials and a lot of crap.

Michael Bay is not alone on his mission to destroy these latchkey kids' kindergarten memories of their surrogate father. Capital Bullshit has beaten Mikey to the punch. Doesn't hurt that another childhood television legend, (I can't believe I just called him that) and German rock god (maybe I just justified that last comment, and no, I'm not talking about Klaus Meine) has provided the fodder for their celebrity parody mashup.


Optimus Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff's fall from grace.

Tasty spoon, indeed!


Huge freakin' statue of Optimus Prime. Thanks, Karate Party.

Armchair Arcade Atari Anthology

I used that title so this posting would get listed first in the phone book. Just thought I'd mention a post I did over at Armchair Arcade, usually I post at both blogs at the same time, but not always. So if you want to read about my first impression on Atari Anthology for the PS2 then that's where you go. If you could care less, don't go. It's that simple.

But I'll provide the bonus content here, just like how if you buy some CDs at Best Buy they give you a link for a double secret download that people who buy the CD at Target or Circuit City or Jack's Music won't get.

Remember my post referencing Katamari t-shirts? Well the folks at Panic also have t-shirts featuring the dragon (specifically, Grundle, the green dragon) from Atari Adventure from the Atari 2600. That's the bonus. And you didn't even have to drive to your nearest strip mall to get it. Links are still free. Sometimes.

SPOILER ALERT ! Here's a clip of someone beating Level 1.


Yorgle Cosplay.

That's a Dragon, Not a Chicken.

Strongbad video for “Everybody to the Limit” – dragon cameo.

I bet these murals would look good in my basement.

Yours too, I'm sure. Here's the link. It may take awhile, and I should probably waterproof the place first, but of course it would be worth it. This certainly would entertain the spiders. Hopefully even keep them occupied, so they no longer visit us on the first floor.

As I write this I realize I am posting this 4th generation. But I'm guessing there's plenty of people who still haven't seen it. And I'm pretty sure my three friends who actually read my blog haven't seen it. It's all about knowing your audience, right? That's why my Chuck D reference was lifted out of a health blog posting recently. (But you gotta keep trying to slide things in there, you never know when it'll work.)

Here's the due diligence. I found this at Bring Me Up, while studying their layout and format for major multiple blog categories within the site. I've had ideas for the same thing, since I have a few varied interests and may want to create separate blogs for each. BMU referenced a post at The Last Boss (soon to be revamped). Who in turn, found the post on youNEWB.

Mural by Arno Coenen of Rock and Royal.

Originally posted at Armchair Arcade.

The Blair Family Circus Project

I had something that resembled a blog slightly more than it did primitive cave paintings at one time. It was actually updated less frequently than this blog. There was no blogging buzz and the tubes weren't getting too slowed down, but every now and then I would post when I wasn't destroying CDNow's bottom line with web coupons and different e-mail accounts. And now they're gone and I miss them and it's all my fault. Not to say I wouldn't have done things the same way. You had to save a buck here and there. Was Napster around yet? I don't recall.

Anyhoo, I found a link to The Blair Family Circus Project in my archives and thought I'd share, since amazingly it's still up. I didn't know the Brunching Shuttlecocks had the stamina.

Linkworthy or Deleteworthy?

Is it really that hard to tweak winning formulas and put in the effort required to rule?

It's sentences like above that keep me coming back to fluxblog as my favorite mp3 blog. I never declare favorites, but for musical variety and curious description fluxblog is the one.

Why this post? Why today? I decided to look at all my “Worthy blogs and links” and decide if there was any I wanted/needed to eliminate. A couple were weeded out. I'm on the fence about a few more. But I just figured, if I'm not taking the time to read them, why should anyone else?

I'll also single out Max Barry tonight. I may or may not have posted about Jennifer Government, but I've been blogging too long to remember these things, and if you're here you're probably not searching through the archives either, so let's just be lazy together and mention it again. The book is worth it. Moves quickly like a Crichton book, but does not fit nicely into any niche. I like books that don't fit nicely anywhere except on my bookshelf or in my cranium. Anyway his most recent post offers some advice to would-be writers that I believe applies to bloggers as well.

I'd describe why in more detail except I'm done for now, I just went through my links, I'm happy with where they're at for now. There's some I'll miss, but mostly since the postings aren't happening there anymore, so I guess I already missed them and hoped they'd have returned by now. But they haven't, so they're gone, let me know if you've come back, it's only html, there's more room on the right column, it's not going anywhere, although I may sublet it to some grad students in the meantime.

Good night.