Architect 2.0

Interesting printbyte from a Philip Rosedale Rolling Stone interview.

I'm guessing by now you're either fully immersed, or have chosen to ignore any buzzing static on Second Life. Perhaps you're even blissfully ignorant. But I'm guessing that group will start shrinking soon.

I don't like to explain my allusions, I figure people pick up on them or they don't, and being clever has sort of worked out for me, at least somewhat, so whatever. Perhaps that's something I can include in my upcoming10 Reasons You Don't Read my Blog post that according to consensus (of one, namely me) will never materialize, but as you're not reading anyway, you won't miss it.

Architect. Rosedale. Matrix. Get it, or don't. It's a free country. Mostly.

Perhaps Rosedale should move to acquire The Matrix Online since his world's “not going to turn out that way”.

GTA IV Trailer

Lest I forget what generated the most traffic to this blog, I link to the Rockstar Games trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. Perhaps calling it a teaser site would be proper. But proper and GTA kind of make for strange bedfellows. It looks like a return to Liberty City. Maybe they'll take a cue from San Andreas and expand the territory and have some road trips through the Northeast, or at the very least down the Jersey Shore.