Despite the Wisdom of Yoda, Sometimes There is Try

My son ate a blueberry today. One. He didn't like it. But he tried it. That's kind of important.

My other son caught a ball for what may be the first time. He's tried it before, and now he's done it. Good for him.

My wife made a shrimp salad with dill and snow peas today. She never made it before, and didn't have a recipe, but she remembered something she ate somewhere about 10 years ago. She tried something, and it was good.

I was just getting to the point where I couldn't come up with anything new that I attempted today. But I did try something.

Her shrimp salad.

And it was good.

photo by audreyjm529

2 thoughts on “Despite the Wisdom of Yoda, Sometimes There is Try”

  1. your writing has always borne a gift of laughter. I'm a long time fan. This piece is poetry. And an excellent illustration of a beautiful truth. For a man of our generation, it's a bold move to challenge the teachings of Grover… I mean Yoda. But you did it. Big Time. With elegance, grace, and tongue lightly in cheek, you schooled that fungus-nailed little midget. careful though, if you piss him off he won't “try” to kick your ass.

  2. OMG, a comment. And not by me. Muchas gracias for stopping by and for the kudos. Hope your journey to the East is going well, if it has already started going.

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