The Cult of Lar

I'm amazed at what actually makes me go from “Gee! That would make a great blog posting.” to the actual logging in and typing and making with the linky-linky. I think some of my best ideas have retreated to the 95% of my brain we feeble humans are incapable of using.

So why am I posting today? I'm really not sure. Sometimes I have a fascination for the mundane, the seemingly useless, or the completely stupid. Maybe I realize somethings are only stupid skin deep, and all those somethings are really smart on the inside. And yes, I mean somethings, I'm using it to describe a singular unnamed or possibly vague individual thing (or a just one concept, event, phenomena alone in a vcacuum), and not a group of …you know I do this some times and it really works…but right now I'm not feeling the “really works” part. Sorry for the brain tease, but let's get back to why I'm posting.

I added Lar as a friend. You know one of those friends. Lar looks a little like my one sister's dumpster diving neighbor, except a bit younger. But that's irrelevant.

I added Lar because when I looked at Lar's profile, I looked at Lar's other friends. Not because they were “Cool New People” (another post in itself, perhaps), but because there were a lot of Lar's (plural, does the apostrophe go there?) It seems that Lar searched or ran a script to find anyone with “lar” in their profile name, and then invite them to be friends.

Does everyone have an urge to belong to something? Is that why I felt like I needed to add Lar as a friend? Do I even still want to finish this post now that I've been bullshitting with my nephew for the last half hour?

I can't answer any of that. But I'm a Lar. And I'll always be one. Perhaps I'll even join Lar's for Lar.

So this isn't essential linking or anything. Just commentary on searching for Lar's in the world we live in. But if you're a Lar, too, there's a place for you in this crazy, mixed-up, online world.

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