More Ted Stevens.

This posting should have been up a week ago (or more). I lack the desire to edit this, so I hope it's somewhat cohesive. There must be more Ted Stevens insanity by now. And perhaps even in my bookmarks folder. But in the spirit of quantity, with quality a distant second, here's a posting for you.

It's clearly what the people want. We don't want his legislation. We want him to explain more things to us. Preferrably all technical items. Perhaps he could fill in for Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal for awhile. Maybe he's the next John Dvorak, oh, Jon Dvorak doesn't really write all his material. Could Ted Stevens at least start blogging? Or maybe a podcast. That would totally rock. And there would be no end to the soundbytes DJs and producers could get their hands on for their mixes.

Ok…now that I've started typing this, I've done a patrol around my little internet and found some other people's internets had some interesting Ted Stevens related material. Enjoy the links.

Yep…links. (in addition to those above, naturally.)

Oh, look…he does have a blog. Thank heavens for Theodore Stevens! (liberty taken with pronunciation of the last Stevens, but I've been called a liberal, so I should know something about liberty, right?)

Ted Stevens is selling his internet on craigslist. (Not surprised, it doesn't sound like it works as well as mine. Explains why it's only $19.)

Ted Stevens Internet Fan Club on myspace. This user's mySpace account was previously closed in relation to his song in honour of Ted Stevens. Who's that cuddly fellow that owns mySpace again? No no no, it's not Tom. The other one. Right, Rupert.

Will the real Rupert Murdoch please stand up? (Props to the “Dirty Digger” for his love of the Pixies.)

And here's the fake Rupert Murdoch mySpace page.

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