No Clue.

Apparently, I have no fucking idea how to set an alarm clock. The controls seem as alien to me as the controls on a VCR did to the previous generation. I've set them before but it's been some time. For years I worked an evening job without need for such interruptions. And then came children. Nature's own living breathing alarm clocks. Right now it seems as if I'd have a better chance of setting them than I would this alarm clock. I've managed to make different abbreviations flash on the display panel, found myself the focal point of some soothing sounds, and moved some numbers around with no clear indication of whether this device will wake me up tomorrow morning or simply wreak havoc on the magnetic forces of our planet. Yes, like Lost. Exactly.

I know when I need to wake up, if my body decides not to get up at that time, then it truly must no deem it necessary. Good night.

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