White Stripes, Blue Orchid

The White Stripes always seem to distract me now and again. It must be the color palette, or Meg's…ummm…drumming. Who knows?

The Blue Orchid video has a quite sinister feel to it, provided by Floria Sigismondi in conjunction with a burnt up old mansion, Jack's mustache, a girl with painful shoes, albino snakes, and ummm…Meg drumming on dishes with a hammer. The will not take over your entire conscious, subconscious, id, ego, and superego, like “Seven Nation Army” did. But it least it won't have your co-workers throwing stuff at you for sitting at your desk going, “Dum…Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum…Dum” incessantly. You'll just be making that swishy guitar sound with your mouth, but not nearly as often.

Whitestripes.net has an .mpg file.

Triple Tremolo has a .wmv file.

I actually wrote a review of Elephant that a never posted anywhere, not that anybody needs to read it, since they already have the CD by now. But perhaps it will appear. But then again, it looks better as a piece of paper lying beneath a bunch of credit card applications, receipts, post-its, random pieces of envelopes with unnamed phone numbers, magazines, crapalogs, and outdated coupons. Aesthetics are important, you know.

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