GTA returns to TBIMB

It's official. Grand Theft Auto for Sony PSP. Fall 2005. Now maybe I'll think about keeping that unopened box that wasn't going to fund my retirement on eBay.

Any PC users looking for multi-plaer mods of GTA. Try this.

I guess this post may as well include all things Rockstar, so here's the official site for Bully. No info, much like the GTA:LCS site, but bookmark these things, it will come.

Rockstar is supporting the PS3, apparently a Red Dead Revolver demo was shown at E3. No announcements of GTA for PS3 yet, there are rumours floating on the Yahoo Finance messageboards about Microsoft buying TakeTwo (Rockstar's owner/publisher), but as a lot of rumours on finance messageboards, there's a good chance they're crap. They probably heard from the same two morons at a Gamestop that told me last year that Microsoft already had XBox exclusivity for the next version of GTA. Of course, I knew they were full of shit, because I was a TakeTwo shareholder at the time. But as they possessed the oft time ugly “clerk-snob/god” attitude, there was no telling them otherwise. But now if there is any truth to the new rumours, these tow will pat themselves on the back, with the only real gain being the 4 words, “I told you so”. Meanwhile I've picked up 10 points on TTWO stock. Now I'm the one with the smug little smirk.

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