Banana Stickers Are, Indeed…Metal

Metalocalypse amuses me. I know this because I've watched it twice. And read an interview in Electronic Musician with Brendon Small. Neither of those links go to the article. The Internets must be broken since I can't create link to the page of a magazine that's sitting on my floor. Stupid Internets!

Brendon Small? Isn't that the guy from Spinal Tap? (No, not that guy from Spinal Tap.)

This one.

Oh…Derek Smalls. Right.

And the Beef Shall Inherit the Earth

In a world where Mad Cow Disease is not an illness, but a state of rural unrest. One cow mush rise up and awakens the herd. A herd fattened up and dumbed down by genetically modified feed. Normally docile creatures with a hive mentality that has finally, collectively mooed “Enough!” (Which may actually still just sound like “Moo”, but with greater emphasis and intent.) The antibiotics and hormones pumped into this Slaughterhouse Nation has backfired against the government oppressors, who must confront the greatest beef to ever face their unchallenged empire. Special sauce and sesame seed buns are no match for…

Cows With Guns.

Thanks for the link,…umm…Sebastian?

Optimus Prime Doesn't Stop Drinking !!

Wired Magazine's cover story depicted Optimus Prime stepping in as a father figure for those whose father didn't bother. (I guess their Mom was the television. I think in my home the television is more like a deadbeat uncle that pays no rent, runs up our electrical bills, but fascinates the children with wonderful stories and games, in between commercials and a lot of crap.

Michael Bay is not alone on his mission to destroy these latchkey kids' kindergarten memories of their surrogate father. Capital Bullshit has beaten Mikey to the punch. Doesn't hurt that another childhood television legend, (I can't believe I just called him that) and German rock god (maybe I just justified that last comment, and no, I'm not talking about Klaus Meine) has provided the fodder for their celebrity parody mashup.


Optimus Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff's fall from grace.

Tasty spoon, indeed!


Huge freakin' statue of Optimus Prime. Thanks, Karate Party.

Moraites Makes Noyse

The Noyse Magazine has recently featured an interview/q&a with my former and probably future co-conspirator Peter Moraites. What do you do with 67,000+ (and counting) views on YouTube? I don't know either. Maybe Pete does.

Renetto knew what to do with it. Kind of.

And since I'm not going to type another post this evening. I Am Sorry Rat Trap. But I'm not actually sorry about anything, and that's the point. Thanks for being here.

YouTube needs Trackback.

Radio Haze, Anime Phase, Each Passing Day…A Few More Grays

Many thanks to The Swankster for reminding me of how much I enjoyed the heyday of 106.3 WHTG here in the Garden State during the early 90's. I can't really add much more than I mentioned in the comments there, or maybe I can and I'm thinking I'd rather do something else tonight.

Also thanks for posting the Girlfriend video, it's amazing no one has destroyed it with a bad cover in recent years. At least my ears have been blessed by not hearing that hopefully imaginary cover. Girlfriend and Altered Beast are two essential CDs as far as I'm concerned. And I am concerned. (But I am not very concerned about consistency with the use of italics for titles, or what the proper use should be for italicizing titles. I'm making a concerned effort to be concerned…No…I'm not…I'm just full of shit…kind of.)

Since that video and reading an interview with Matthew Sweet talking about manga and anime, I've opened my eyes to that world and basked in the goodness that is Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and many others. Judging by the comments on YouTube, many others were turned on to anime by Sweet, as well.

Oh yeah, 106.3. The Matt Pinfeld years, those were good. 106.3 today, not so good. Although after commenting at Merry Swankster, I did catch some Dinosaur Jr. on the dial.

Vikings Vindicated on Video

The video must be Joel Trussell's commentary on all the rock bands coming from Scandinavia in recent times. Or is that old history dating back to 2001?

His video for Jason Forrest's track, “War Photographer” is lots of fun. Vikings, guitars, robots, cowbell, what else do you need?

Joel has some development sketches on his blog as well.