I neglected to mention the treadmill performance on the VMAs. My wife knew when this wabout to start as she noticed a few people walking around backstage with orange jumpsuits labeled “TREADMILL TECHNICIAN”. She's got a good eye for these things. She always somehow picks up on the lack of continuity when cigarette lengths, and beverage glass levels don't quite match in the movies.

What now?

There's like 30 blog posts floating around in my head, yet none of them have been able to win their battle of king of the hill to reach the apex of my cerebrum, I'm a little bit right-brained and a little bit left-brained, I bat righty and throw lefty, and have a bipolor condition with complexities that somehow make the Yankees vs. Red Sox not completely cut and dry. That said, the separate mililiters of cream rising to the top lie somewhere in the middle, that slight fissure or fold between the two cortexes (Is that what they're called? Is the plural form cortices? corti?) which with the nature of fissures is not quite the highest point within my skull. Expect something involving the IRS, the MoMA, Joe Franklin, YouTube, Melanie Martinez, cheeseburgers, a possible revisit to my micro Rocketboom obsession, or possibly some grand unification theory involving all the former (I'd say 'above', but some of those things may fall to the left). All from this little curio shop on the Internet, that walks the line between not so great, and not so bad.

I know a few people that live under rocks, so here's a courtesy for them to see the wacky treadmill curiosity that is OK GO. And I don't believe Spike Jonze or any of his alternate personalities were involved or harmed in the making of this video.

Where there is no money, there will always be ingenuity.

Moraites Makes Noyse

The Noyse Magazine has recently featured an interview/q&a with my former and probably future co-conspirator Peter Moraites. What do you do with 67,000+ (and counting) views on YouTube? I don't know either. Maybe Pete does.

Renetto knew what to do with it. Kind of.

And since I'm not going to type another post this evening. I Am Sorry Rat Trap. But I'm not actually sorry about anything, and that's the point. Thanks for being here.

YouTube needs Trackback.

Radio Haze, Anime Phase, Each Passing Day…A Few More Grays

Many thanks to The Swankster for reminding me of how much I enjoyed the heyday of 106.3 WHTG here in the Garden State during the early 90's. I can't really add much more than I mentioned in the comments there, or maybe I can and I'm thinking I'd rather do something else tonight.

Also thanks for posting the Girlfriend video, it's amazing no one has destroyed it with a bad cover in recent years. At least my ears have been blessed by not hearing that hopefully imaginary cover. Girlfriend and Altered Beast are two essential CDs as far as I'm concerned. And I am concerned. (But I am not very concerned about consistency with the use of italics for titles, or what the proper use should be for italicizing titles. I'm making a concerned effort to be concerned…No…I'm not…I'm just full of shit…kind of.)

Since that video and reading an interview with Matthew Sweet talking about manga and anime, I've opened my eyes to that world and basked in the goodness that is Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and many others. Judging by the comments on YouTube, many others were turned on to anime by Sweet, as well.

Oh yeah, 106.3. The Matt Pinfeld years, those were good. 106.3 today, not so good. Although after commenting at Merry Swankster, I did catch some Dinosaur Jr. on the dial.


What's This? No more Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom. Will there be a reason to return? There seems to be some he said/she said business going on. Amanda says they didn't want her anymore. Rocketboom (a.k.a. the other guy) says she wanted to move to L.A., and they couldn't acommodate her.

The only thing we know for sure sure is that I'm still not sure how to spell acommodate.

Let the blogosphere be my spellchecker, I say. Comments are always open.

I'm sure we'll see Amanda again. So, might as well bookmark Unboomed in the meantime. I've only been visiting Rocketboom for a short time, and although the content and writing works well, her personality and delivery has made it more interesting. Is Rocketboom done? Has there been a job posting on Craigslist yet? Who knows? Maybe you.

bills. choe. moraites. gta. katamari.

I don't much care for bills. I care even less for paying them. i'm kind of paying them now, but not really. i've been looking at the katamari home page and david choe's web site.

Choe's site has a photo collage (it's in that pop-up window which is also the “news” link) which if you scroll down goes into detail about his hobby of setting up the perfect photos in GTA: San Andreas (this link is not to photos by David Choe, obviously). And since this site (thisblogismyblog, my parentheses are getting more annoying than ever, just pray that I don't scan through this one more time) hasn't commented on the Grand Theft franchise for awhile, why not mention it here. The GTA gamers will get some perspective outside of cheat codes and rumours.

I'm a big fan of Choe's art, I've picked up Bruised Fruit and Cursiv. But I'll admit it's been awhile since I flipped through. He pops up here and there in Giant Robot.

And while I'm on the subject of West Coast folks, I'll mention Pete(r) Moraites. And then I'll mention to him this posting. But by then he'd probably have read it. Or maybe not. Anyway…Pete is avisualmucialtitleanimatronillustrvidedirectninja guy. He's mad talented, and he's got something called focus working in his favor in the last few years. Like how Cyclops from the X-Men needs those goggles or fucking lasers just destroy all. I think he's got those goggles implanted in his brain or something.

Yeah…umm…well he's got a DVD release party happening which includes his video and music work (solo and as part of the duo, Salvador Dalek) It's this Saturday May 20th, beginning at 7PM at the Ocean Front Gallery, 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA 90291. Full details here.

I figured I'd mention Pete's work or web site at some point or another. But not really when I was paying my bills thinking I was going to segway into more of a personal post, and then detouring via David Choe in Pete's direction. But posts have a way of writing themselves.

Oh yeah the Peter Moraites DVD is entitled Spelling Test. I hadn't mentioned that, and it will probably be better for everyone's Googling purposes now that I've told you. And he blogs here.

Hardware Wars

I believe I was in 3rd grade when they played this in my elementary school, but it may have been earlier since Star Wars came out when I was in 1st grade. (LL note: Looks like it was 1st grade. 1977.) I still chuckle when I see this. If the Internet was around back then, they certainly would have had a ton of traffic.

Hardware Wars.


Home page

IMDB entry

Wikipedia entry

Apparently, in 1999, George Lucas called Hardware Wars his favorite Star Wars parody.

I'm a big Chewchilla fan myself. I fondly remember him gnawing on Princess Anne-Droid's cinnamon buns.