If Limbo dies, where does it go?

This is good news for unbaptised babies, and those born before Jesus. The article says that the change in church canon may be because of difficulty in converting people in Asia and Africa to Catholicism.

Why are there so many pictures of this Pope where he looks so sinister? Here's one that's a little better. Is that Anthony Hopkins as the Pope in this picture? I didn't know they had the made-for-TV movie yet.

popemobile vs. Batmobile

Popemobile is not a proper noun. Therefore, unless popemobile begins a sentence, such as the previous sentence, it is not necessary to capitalize popemobile. Although popemobile must be capitalized, when referring to the Australian indie rock band, Popemobile.

I probably should have capitalized popemobile in this article title, but I chose not to. Yes, I used a bit of license. I wonder if one needs a specialized license to drive a popemobile. Perhaps some sort of CDL test must be passed.

Unlike popemobile, Batmobile must always be capitalized. Perhaps this is because there is only one Batman, while there have been many popes. In the US, president is capitalized when used as a title, e.g. President Clinton. Otherwise president would not be capitalized, the same logic seems to follow with pope. No matter what actor played Batman, or who drew the comic, it was still the same Batman. One Batman, one Batmobile. No other “Batmen” (I give up, should that be capitalized during speculative use), drive a Batmobile. There are not multiple Batmobiles available in different countries for Batman's use. (Though given Bruce Wayne's wealth, you would think he'd probably have a fleet of Batmobiles, but he was too busy to get caught up int he bling factor.)

Although, I'm sure Batmobile is a trademarked term in the DC Comics canon. And if DC says capital letter, then it gets a capital letter.

Now then shouldn't Green Lantern then be lower case at times. It is a title given to many different guardians of various sectors of the universe, and there have been at least 4 or 5 different Green Lanterns on Earth alone. (Amazing that Green Lanterns come in at of service, but Bruce Wayne is seemingly eternal.)

If a layman in the DC Comics universe said, “For my money Hal Jordan was the best green lantern I've seen in my lifetime,” then lowercase may appropriate, would it not?

This has gone from me just wanting to note the difference between “P” and “p”, to something so much bigger and so much more convoluted, that right now I wish I never started this stupid blog. I will never see this last hour again. Granted there was a distractdion wher I read about the Swiss Guard, the Sack of Rome, Pope John Paull II, Jan Hus, and ten othe things on Wikipedia, but alas, I've got nothing left in me for linking. You're on your own, you've got the tools. You've got the Google and the Wikipedia. You can cut and paste a few things in the search fields. There's no guarantee my links would be any better than those you'll find.

No Clue.

Apparently, I have no fucking idea how to set an alarm clock. The controls seem as alien to me as the controls on a VCR did to the previous generation. I've set them before but it's been some time. For years I worked an evening job without need for such interruptions. And then came children. Nature's own living breathing alarm clocks. Right now it seems as if I'd have a better chance of setting them than I would this alarm clock. I've managed to make different abbreviations flash on the display panel, found myself the focal point of some soothing sounds, and moved some numbers around with no clear indication of whether this device will wake me up tomorrow morning or simply wreak havoc on the magnetic forces of our planet. Yes, like Lost. Exactly.

I know when I need to wake up, if my body decides not to get up at that time, then it truly must no deem it necessary. Good night.

Dub Dub Dub. It works. No kidding.

You can now set your browsers to http://thisblogismyblog.com or http://www.thisblogismyblog.com. My lazy ass decided it was time to figure this out. But it couldn't, because all it's good for is shitting and preventing my jeans from falling down. The belt helps with the latter, but I'll give my ass some credit.

So as my ass sstruggled (that's the way asses sspell it) to solve this problem, my brain eventually told it to sit the fuck down, and took over. And now it's fixed. There is a chance that I may have a better post in the near future, but hang on to this one as long as you can, just in case.

A Message from your Friendly Neighborhood Tax Preparer

Another couple weeks and the blog postings will pick up again.

But here's a tip to share with my friends with children out there.


You can buy them from the bank or from TreasuryDirect. You pay face value for the bond and as of this posting they are earning 6.73%. They can be cashed in 5 years if necessary without penalty. With penalties they can be cashed as soon as 1 year.

But the clincher is this. The interest earned on these would be tax-free if used for your child's education, but ONLY if the owner of the bond is 24 or older at the time of purchase. in other words, DO NOT BUY THEM IN YOUR CHILD'S NAME.

Since it is tax season and I've got plenty of work going on here, I will leave it at that. Food for thought for parents out there. But before purchasing, please research for yourself and decide whether investing in I-Bonds makes sense to you.

It does for me, so I bought some yesterday.

Rolf Mashes

I'm not really sure where I was going with this posting. But here it is, in its primordial state, I think all postings start out this way until they become so dense that they collapse upon themselves and form something else entirely. Something else which is exactly nothing like a universe.

I know Rolf harris mashup shitmat ROFLMAO wiggles son

Rolf Harris


Put them together to form…