Hype Begat Hype

I want to listen to Hype Machine today. So if the next 7800 people that read thisblogismyblog would please visit Hype Machine, I will be much happier at work today, and won't have to listen to this stupid creaking door somewhere off in the distance. Of course, I could listen my iPod or WFMU or something, but I wanted to listen to some mp3s over at my favorite mp3 blog aggregator, who has decided not to launch their new website until 10,000 people visit at the same time.

Bastards. The moniker is Hype Machine though, why should something like this not be expected?

The strange thing is…I feel so used. Right now, I'm doing exactly what they want me to do. And I can't say that I like it. Not that I don't use their site almost daily to find and hear new music. (Old music too, for that matter.) But still.

Although a stunt like this might backfire and get the RIAA looking their way. And their as much fun as a sack of wet mice.

In the time it's taken me to write this, only about 4 more people have visited the site. And don't remind how long I'll be waiting to listen to Hype Machine, if thisblogismyblog alone was responsible for directing 7800 more listeners.

4 thoughts on “Hype Begat Hype”

  1. Now that I've actually done the links and made this post live. It looks like 100 more people have visited Hype Machine.

  2. After all their own hype, hype Machine never quite reached the lofty goal of 10,000 visitors at once, and said 'the hell with it', and the site went live. I've got my opinions on the new HM experience, but I'll save them for a separate post.

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