I Dig Dug

I do. Really, I do. Dig Dug also has a kill screen.

See previous post for all about that. Or actually just a little about that. Then you have to click the link. I am conveniently not placing these links in this post, as I 'd like you to scroll down a bit instead. I dig my scroll wheel, too. Don't you?

My real reason for this post was to link to the Dig Dug inspired artwork featured in the thumbnail by Luke Chueh. And if you pronounce his last name in the one variation that's going through my head he's got as many Star Wars references as my second son has in his name. (Not intentional. But my friends have pointed them out to me. And my older son finds it quite cool. And cool has not been replaced by jealous, so that's good.)

And I might as well post a link to more Luke Chueh. Apparently he paints stuff that isn't Dig Dug related as well. And this post ends now, because I was about to put in such a God-awful that I can't even repeat to myself in my head. But involved “balance”, and I will describe it no further and leave things cryptic, so the question mark dangles above your head as you scratch it.

Your head, not the question mark. Let the question mark scratch itself, you never asked the damn thing to float there above your head.

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