I bet these murals would look good in my basement.

Yours too, I'm sure. Here's the link. It may take awhile, and I should probably waterproof the place first, but of course it would be worth it. This certainly would entertain the spiders. Hopefully even keep them occupied, so they no longer visit us on the first floor.

As I write this I realize I am posting this 4th generation. But I'm guessing there's plenty of people who still haven't seen it. And I'm pretty sure my three friends who actually read my blog haven't seen it. It's all about knowing your audience, right? That's why my Chuck D reference was lifted out of a health blog posting recently. (But you gotta keep trying to slide things in there, you never know when it'll work.)

Here's the due diligence. I found this at Bring Me Up, while studying their layout and format for major multiple blog categories within the site. I've had ideas for the same thing, since I have a few varied interests and may want to create separate blogs for each. BMU referenced a post at The Last Boss (soon to be revamped). Who in turn, found the post on youNEWB.

Mural by Arno Coenen of Rock and Royal.

Originally posted at Armchair Arcade.

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