A New Month

How many times did you hear “I can't believe it's February already” today?

How many of these people already derailed from their diet, and have written off that New Year's resolution already? I don't know. I bet quite a few, but Vegas is busy with Super Bowl odds right now, so they're not takin my money.

Wow! I think I found an answer and it was similar to my expectations. Although the CNN article is three years old, I wonder if the percentages have changed very much.

The last two paragraphs have nothing to do with January's quick cup of coffee and back to wherever January goes for the next eleven months. January is possibly the Monday morning of the year. A month in which many continuously check e-mail, linger longer at the coffee pot or watercooler, listening to voice mails, all the while still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, wishing for the warmth and comfort of their comforters.

I've actually been quite busy this January, and mostly if not completely in a good way. Perhaps it's a bellwether for my year. Or perhaps it's just happy happenstance.

February 2nd must be the day that the Groundhog realizes it's the end of the elongated Monday, peeks out of its hole, and wonders where January went. Sometimes he looks around for it a little bit, sometimes it goes back to sleep until Wednesday, when nobody gives a fuck about what it does.

This just in. (An article that is only one year old.) February 3rd is the date the average dieter gives up. Those struggling need to hang in just another 48 hours to break the curve. But you might not want to stop there if you'd like to reach your goal.

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