Doreen Kirchner featured at Galeri Baberton

The fairer side of Sudden Ensemble makes with the pretty pictures. (Sorry, wg.) Stolen Time features illustrations done on someone else's dime…when that someone is paying you for something else. We can't get the time back that we've worked for someone else, so sometimes we might as well make it our own. I may have even done such a thing at thisblogismyblog. You never can tell. Doreen Kirchner has illustrated, among other things, The Adventure of Royal Trux comic book.

Visit Galeri Baberton. Don't trip over the drunks. And, yes that's what they are. Use “View Image” on your browser and you'll see. The snoring is making me yearn for bed, and question why I'm not there already.

Note to dk: I like the monkey. My niece is in Guatemala and has witnessed spider monkeys in their natural habitat. As far as I know, none have given her a flower yet.

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