Fear and Loathing Lacking at ESPN

Sadly I am removing the link to the columns of Hunter S. Thompson located at the ESPN web site. Rather than continuing to allow free access to the dear man's words and wit (and sometimes, bile), one must be an ESPN Insider to access the content. However, his final column for ESPN still remains public.

I understand the business of paid subscription web sites, but I don't understand why this particular content, which certainly expands beyond the sports world, is locked up. A fan of the author may not be a sports fan, but when dealing with a talent like Hunter S. Thompson, he could make an article about coupon clipping, pocket lint, or (insert dullest possible thing you can imagine here) a worthy read.

ESPN, you suck.

Oh, and in case you missed it earlier, here's the link to the Hunter S. Thompson entry at Wikipedia.


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