Thinkblog or Linkblog

John Keegan makes me wonder if I am a Linkblogger or a Thinkblogger? Sure I'd like to be a little more of a Thinkblogger, but am not ashamed to own up to being a Linkblogger. It's probably a 25/75 split. Of course, this only matters to oneself and one's own vanity.

I'm probably more of a Link Pirate or Blogpoacher. But I'm not the only one. We are at a time where we aren't just getting news and opinion from corporate sites, but also from the blogs we read. So really what's the difference when a link is taken from the blog of another Linkblogger (obviously they didn't create the site they are linking to, so there would be no copyright issue). But, of course, if you pilfer links from the same blog every day, that's another story altogether, and makes me wonder why you are blogging in the first place.

And perhaps I can lay claim to the first use of the term “Link Pirate”. That would actually make me more of a Thinkblogger, wouldn't it? I just came up with “Blogpoacher” as well, but it seems that someone else already used the term (look at the comment). But I only found this out after a Google search.

And I know just what you readers are thinking, “Why should we take the word of a Blogpoacher anyway? Sure you came up with the term, you Linkblogger, you!”

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