David Carson and the Art of Communication

Still from David Carson clip over at TED. Image was captured sort of between frames.></p>
<p>I just lost a whole post about this <a href=David Carson clip. It was kind of personal and discussed how I ventured into design in order to write. I got distracted along the way because of designers like David Carson. And the writing went away for awhile. I can't recreate that post, so you get this one. I'm not going to apologize. I'm just going to be glad when I move to WordPress and I won't lose a post if I accidentally click “Back” when I'm in preview mode reviewing a post. I'm really pissed, and I'm trying to not let it get to me right now, especially since there was a lot of other work I need to finish up, and instead I wrote this posts , not this one, but the one that's now gone. And now we're all stuck with a lesser, and less personal post.

The shame of it all is that I remembered the title and that this post actually had a point to make.

Christmas in August on Valentine's Day

I should say St. Valentine's Day. Well, not anymore, it's now Friday, but this post somehow disappeared after writing it about 24 hours ago.

I never dreamt I'd someday look back fondly at the Crazy Eddie television commercials. Yet, here I find myself waxing nostalgically over some Northeastern pop culture detritus.

I never embed, I usually just link, but I've reconsidered my position on that. Why send the eyeballs elsewhere when they can stay right here.

I remember buying vinyl records and cassettes at Crazy Eddie, as well as a floppy disk drive for my Atari 800XL computer. These ads actually inspired the Seinfeld episode entitled, “The Junk Mail”. Elaine dates a guy who was once the fictional television pitchman known as “The Wiz”. Incidentally, The Wiz, later known as Nobody Beats The Wiz, was also an electronics retailer located predominantly in New York and New Jersey. But since their prices weren't completely insane they often used real-life characters in their ads, such as Joe Namath.

This was long before Namath went 0-for-2 in pass attempts on the sidelines, seeking out kisses from Suzy Kolber. (Yep, that link goes to the infamous video. I thought it would look kind of crappy to put two embedded videos in the same post. Especially when the point of this video was to highlight the Crazy Eddie ads, and not focus on the ancillary Joe Namath reference.)

Snowboarding History Lesson

Their Crap is My Crap.

totallycrap.com featured the History of Snowboarding in 2 Minutes. And I present it to you. I feel like I just got a history lesson in the manner in which Neo learned kung fu, minus the coax cable in my brainstem. Wait a minute…how'd that get there?

Image is from Mister Reusch, who apparently does some fine work. I love when I find another interesting site when I'm trying to round out a posting. Serendipity is bliss.

The Truth Spoken.

I've been doing a million different things and nothing at all lately. But I'm glad I popped over to see what Warren Ellis has been talking about lately. And his words were not needed. Keith Olbermann said it all.

If I have any duty as an American, it is to link to Olberman's commentary.

And here's a link to the Bill Clinton interview on Fox News.

Like most of America of been distracted and sometimes unconsciously sought distraction, so here's something back to anyone who still wanders my way.