Head Start with Art

Fart rhymes with art, too. And that title is so corny that it has a similar aroma. This was meant to be a somewhat cultured post that has quickly degraded into the toilet.

I worked with my son on doing some drawing today. A lot of times we focus on letters, phonics, and a little math. But drawing is just as important, and it's been around longer than the rest as a form of communication. I probably would not talk about such personal things, but when I found a child's interpretation of Starry Night, I knew I was going to post. And that leads to the here and now.

2007 is the year the boys go to the museum, at least the older one.

Doreen Kirchner featured at Galeri Baberton

The fairer side of Sudden Ensemble makes with the pretty pictures. (Sorry, wg.) Stolen Time features illustrations done on someone else's dime…when that someone is paying you for something else. We can't get the time back that we've worked for someone else, so sometimes we might as well make it our own. I may have even done such a thing at thisblogismyblog. You never can tell. Doreen Kirchner has illustrated, among other things, The Adventure of Royal Trux comic book.

Visit Galeri Baberton. Don't trip over the drunks. And, yes that's what they are. Use “View Image” on your browser and you'll see. The snoring is making me yearn for bed, and question why I'm not there already.

Note to dk: I like the monkey. My niece is in Guatemala and has witnessed spider monkeys in their natural habitat. As far as I know, none have given her a flower yet.

Moraites Makes Noyse

The Noyse Magazine has recently featured an interview/q&a with my former and probably future co-conspirator Peter Moraites. What do you do with 67,000+ (and counting) views on YouTube? I don't know either. Maybe Pete does.

Renetto knew what to do with it. Kind of.

And since I'm not going to type another post this evening. I Am Sorry Rat Trap. But I'm not actually sorry about anything, and that's the point. Thanks for being here.

YouTube needs Trackback.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Kittens and baby monkeys are friends.

Amazing photograph. Thanks to Hemmy.net for finding this for me. Hemmy found it at CityRag. So, I'd like to thank them even more.

But most of all, great job by *kazzie* for capturing and sharing this moment. Apparently she hung around watching them for over an hour. She's posted a lot of non-monkey/kitten cuddlefest photos as well.

bills. choe. moraites. gta. katamari.

I don't much care for bills. I care even less for paying them. i'm kind of paying them now, but not really. i've been looking at the katamari home page and david choe's web site.

Choe's site has a photo collage (it's in that pop-up window which is also the “news” link) which if you scroll down goes into detail about his hobby of setting up the perfect photos in GTA: San Andreas (this link is not to photos by David Choe, obviously). And since this site (thisblogismyblog, my parentheses are getting more annoying than ever, just pray that I don't scan through this one more time) hasn't commented on the Grand Theft franchise for awhile, why not mention it here. The GTA gamers will get some perspective outside of cheat codes and rumours.

I'm a big fan of Choe's art, I've picked up Bruised Fruit and Cursiv. But I'll admit it's been awhile since I flipped through. He pops up here and there in Giant Robot.

And while I'm on the subject of West Coast folks, I'll mention Pete(r) Moraites. And then I'll mention to him this posting. But by then he'd probably have read it. Or maybe not. Anyway…Pete is avisualmucialtitleanimatronillustrvidedirectninja guy. He's mad talented, and he's got something called focus working in his favor in the last few years. Like how Cyclops from the X-Men needs those goggles or fucking lasers just destroy all. I think he's got those goggles implanted in his brain or something.

Yeah…umm…well he's got a DVD release party happening which includes his video and music work (solo and as part of the duo, Salvador Dalek) It's this Saturday May 20th, beginning at 7PM at the Ocean Front Gallery, 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA 90291. Full details here.

I figured I'd mention Pete's work or web site at some point or another. But not really when I was paying my bills thinking I was going to segway into more of a personal post, and then detouring via David Choe in Pete's direction. But posts have a way of writing themselves.

Oh yeah the Peter Moraites DVD is entitled Spelling Test. I hadn't mentioned that, and it will probably be better for everyone's Googling purposes now that I've told you. And he blogs here.

shannon's arty arty, Undead Metal Mascots, Chiptunes…etc.

Occasionally people that don't know me read this blog. Occasionally people who do know me read this blog. Occasionally people do wear white after Labor Day.
One of those people is Shannon Palmer. (And I'm sure she wears what she wants, Labor Day be Damned!) Normally I don't have a reason to out a reader. It's not all about blog nepotism. I read her blog. And it's good. She blogs about music, art and other things that are neither and some that are both.
After falling down the rabbit hole I found her blog. It wasn't exactly chasing a white rabbit, but close. Somehow I even landed on her blogroll. If I sound giddy as a schoolgirl, it's because someone reads this. And perhaps the Catholic school uniform and pigtails I'm sporting right now.
Yes, humor and creepiness can co-exist. And if for nothing else except one more reader, this writer will live to blog another day. (I think I actually paraphrased a line from “The Trooper” just there. But then I read the lyrics and think, “No, not really.”) Eddie Lives. Guy crossing the street dies.

As a contrarian sidebar, I'm listening to the microradio from micromusic.net. Homefront for a good portion of homegrown 8-bit Gameboy jams.

Baby Shui

Immediately increase the good feng shui in your home by placing an infant in a bare corner. Babies are much cuter than plants and typically don't collect as much dust as other tchotchkes and knick-knacks. They are not as cost-effective so this solution would best be used for one problem corner. Or, like me, you can select a few corners, and just move the infant from one to the next every hour or so.

This may no longer be a viable solution once the infant begins crawling as the benefit of the enhanced chi will move along with the child, and leave the trouble spots bare once again. Use of duct tape for positioning not recommended.

Hasegawa or Hasagawa?

I don't know which is correct. And if you're Googling this artist's name, you may not either. So no matter which way you spelled it, you got here didn't you?

I do know the first name is Kenji. And since Van Gogh's Ear Cafe in Union, NJ wasn't completely sure, they kept things on a first name basis at their web site.

Now the Google searches I performed didn't come up with a home page, but they came up with a few Kenji Hasegawas. Unless the DJ and the artist are one in the same (which is entirely possible).

I did come up something at KidRobot though. Nice Munny, Kenji.

I was at Van Gogh's Ear last week when I helped my niece move into her new apartment. Unfortunately, I neglected to grab Kenji's business card. My camera phone was full, and deleting the kids was not an option, so I don't have a pic of his “gasmask” painting. There were a few I really liked. I love the collage feel, and the occasional graffiti fluorishes. His work definitely would have a place at Juxtapoz.

Maybe I'll make it over there again, and see if the work is up for sale.

Molly Crabapple

I love the name, and I love the illustrations, and by golly she's kinda cute, too.

She's also got a show (Tarts and Flowers) going on in New York this month. (Feb. 8-27, Opening Party Sat, Feb. 11.) You can purchase some of her work online prior to, or I suppose you could go there in person and try to do the same. That might be more fun, and definitely more social. I hear people are much more interactive in person than when online. Or maybe that's just hearsay.

And apparently the show posters should be available online soon as well.

So show Ms. Crabapple some love. I think I'll be buying a poster for my sister. She's waffling on a pair of prints, but with a limited set of 10 she better just make with the syrup, drown those suckers and start chowing down.