What Happens In Vegas…

Join Me at Blog World Expo…Stays in Vegas. Probably not this weekend though.

After all, this weekend Vegas plays host to the BlogWorld Expo. If there's one thing bloggers are completely incapable of, it's keeping their mouths shut. Well, their mouths aren't the problem (unless of course their podcasting or vlogging, of course), it's those fingers, because first they'll twitter, then they'll post, and the diggs will follow. So gentlemen, try to remain as such at those gentlemen's clubs, and ladies, keep count of those cosmopolitans.

I was wavering about attending this conference or not, since I'd abandoned blogging and writing for awhile, because of many of life's constant distractions and sometimes derailments, but since I've got a few ideas up my sleeve, and am working with a new magazine on their blog. So here I am in Vegas.

Hell, maybe I'll even find some content while I'm here. Actually I found some already.

Tyra Banks was on my plane. Just saying her name in my head conjures up those old Nike commercials with Lil' Penny, which is kind of interesting since I once shared an elevator with Chris Rock.

I had to stare like an idiot while whatever facial recognition that came installed with my cerebrum confirmed it was indeed Ms. Banks. So like any smooth character would, I saunter through first class on the way to my seat in row 79 which is just a seatbelt strapped onto the rudder, in case you were wondering. But yeah, I lean over and casually say, “Hi Beyonce, I love your music,” and continue my stroll to my seat in untouchable class.

Nah, I didn't do that. I didn't think of that until I was hanging onto that rudder for my dear life. I had no reason to mess with her. But pretending to mistake one celebrity for another when approaching them seems like it could be a fun thing. I'm trying to think if I ever did this before, but probably not since my obliviousness would normally kick in.

Tyra looks great in person, by the way, the television does not deceive. One of my rowmates in solitary class, also noted the presence of Ms. Banks, so I consider this celebrity sighting confirmed, and blogworthy. Most of the time I'm oblivious to this sort of thing, until another member of my party tells me afterwards. Actually I was too drunk to realize that Chris Rock was on the elevator with me.

You think Tyra is here for BlogWorld?

All Too True.

It's one thing to post about how you have no time to post. It's another to make that post into interesting content. I know I've done it before without 'interesting' being part of the equation. Rajesh Setty in a recent post entitled, 10 things they didn't tell you about blogging lists #1 as:

It's easy to start but hard to maintain.

True. He continues on but I'm not going to blockquote his whole article. If you can't click a link, then you should watch television rather than go online.

Hobbies can be rewarding but blogging seems to be a hobby that must be continued even on days where one finds no reward in it, if one seeks to develop an audience to the blog. If audience is of no concern, than frequency of posts is not important. But I'm thinking most bloggers have it in the back of there head that their blog may lead to something bigger. The blog may not be the road less traveled these days, but more like a long and winding road that may actually be a road to nowhere. You may not know unless you do the walking.

10/13/06 NOTE: You may have to reload the above links after clicking, for some reason my browser won't follow the links to the other site unless I reload the page. Strange. Might be a global thing, might just be me for some reason.

Bush and Blair Have a Little Chat

The comedian-in-chief clearly did not ask, “Is this thing on?” with a tap of the microphone. So the world gets a private moment between a couple leaders of the free world. There's a lot of talk about this around the blogosphere, and I'm sure there will be a piece on The Daily Show, followed by its posting YouTube. That's just the nature of these things.


Guardian Unlimited: NewsBlog

Transcript by Adam Boulton

Crooks & Liars

Ezra Klein

Oh and a little bit of Guess who's coming to dinner. Will the White House open the door to thug/oil baron? The answer may be inidicative of upcoming US policy in the Middle East since Kazakhstan opened airfields to us previous in the US conflict/bombing with/of Afghanistan. (Sorry I get a little slash crazy here and there, and that time it came while I was actually trying to make a point.) But it could also be that there's lots of oil in Kazakhstan. And people do crazy things for that black stuff.

Rocketboom Response

This posting was going to link to Andrew Baron giving his side of the Rocketboom debacle over at Dembot, (that's his blog, or at least one of them). But at the present time, Dembot is down. I'm sure it will be back, and then you can hear his side.

In a nutshell, Andrew Baron says that Andrew Baron does a lot of work over at Rocketboom. It says that he does just about everything. He even came up with Amanda Congdon's quick head turn to the other camera. I'm not sure he holds the patent on that, so perhaps Amanda will use that in the future.

That said, Joanne Colan will be the new host of Rocketboom. Joanne was apparently a VJ on MTV Europe. But now she got a pretty big shoes, (seat, whatever you'd like to add) to fill. It's very possible that this whole thing will work out quite well both for Amanda Congdon and for Andrew Baron at Rocketboom.

All they have to do is deliver. Simple,huh? The world may not be watching, but the blogosphere is, and that slight sound you hear is the blogosphere tapping on the shoulders of two friends collectively to tell them about all this. Even those who still don't care have the seeds planted in their brain, and when Amanda Congdon starts showing up on The Daily Show or some other media outlet, they'll know why they know who that is.


What's This? No more Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom. Will there be a reason to return? There seems to be some he said/she said business going on. Amanda says they didn't want her anymore. Rocketboom (a.k.a. the other guy) says she wanted to move to L.A., and they couldn't acommodate her.

The only thing we know for sure sure is that I'm still not sure how to spell acommodate.

Let the blogosphere be my spellchecker, I say. Comments are always open.

I'm sure we'll see Amanda again. So, might as well bookmark Unboomed in the meantime. I've only been visiting Rocketboom for a short time, and although the content and writing works well, her personality and delivery has made it more interesting. Is Rocketboom done? Has there been a job posting on Craigslist yet? Who knows? Maybe you.

Thinkblog or Linkblog

John Keegan makes me wonder if I am a Linkblogger or a Thinkblogger? Sure I'd like to be a little more of a Thinkblogger, but am not ashamed to own up to being a Linkblogger. It's probably a 25/75 split. Of course, this only matters to oneself and one's own vanity.

I'm probably more of a Link Pirate or Blogpoacher. But I'm not the only one. We are at a time where we aren't just getting news and opinion from corporate sites, but also from the blogs we read. So really what's the difference when a link is taken from the blog of another Linkblogger (obviously they didn't create the site they are linking to, so there would be no copyright issue). But, of course, if you pilfer links from the same blog every day, that's another story altogether, and makes me wonder why you are blogging in the first place.

And perhaps I can lay claim to the first use of the term “Link Pirate”. That would actually make me more of a Thinkblogger, wouldn't it? I just came up with “Blogpoacher” as well, but it seems that someone else already used the term (look at the comment). But I only found this out after a Google search.

And I know just what you readers are thinking, “Why should we take the word of a Blogpoacher anyway? Sure you came up with the term, you Linkblogger, you!”