In the future, Sarah Palin will create Internet memes on the daily. oh wait…it's already happening. Surely her foreign policy experience won't be the last. You don't get that kind of experience by osmosis or proximity. I live next door to a doctor, if anyone would like me to perform open heart surgery on their loved ones, feel free to twitter me. And I've seen a lot of Speedy Gonzales cartoons as well, so that should probably qualify me to be our next ambassador to Mexico.

Nerve Endings Firing Away took the “As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America” quote quite literally, so naturally I took their graphic to the logical next level, the lolcat treatment.

Who cares about the bailout when we've got this giant disembodied Putin head floating toward Anchorage. It's making me wonder about those weather balloons they used to mistake for UFOs.

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