LEGO Indiana Jones Trailer

The LEGO Indiana Jones trailer is up on the LucasArts website. And yes, Tt Games is attached to the project. My six year old loves Star Wars via the LEGO Star Wars video game. And we recently contemplated watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with him, since he's also a fan of the Legends of the hidden Temple. (Yes, it's in syndication, if that's what you call Nick Gas. Wait a minute. It's still Nickelodeon, so I guess it's not syndication, it's just reruns.)

We visited the LucasArts site to checkout the Force Unleashed trailer, and listed under games was LEGO Indy. My son's reaction said everything:

“Dad he's got the same pants as Han Solo.”

I smiled. I'm not sure it's true, but Should I be surprised that LEGO Indy bears some resemblance to LEGO Han Solo. (Actually they both have the gun holster on the same leg of their pants.)

“Son, you know the same actor that played Han Solo also played Indiana Jones.”

He didn't have to tell me he wanted to get this when it came out. They had me at “South America, 1936.” And when I heard all three movies were included in the game. So I've got until 2008 to scrape a few pennies together.

I'z in yr Tehcnoratti. Clammin yr blog.

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HerSpace Website

I still go back and forth deciding whether website should be one or two words. I thought two was correct for so long, but I've been seeing it as one word an awful lot.

I'm looking for web work these days to keep me busy until January, so I'm in the process of updating my resume, as well as the portfolios the creative talent agencies host at their web sites. (See, without thinking…two words.) As I was typing my description into their field, and if you've ever filled out anything similar, usually you don't know the character limit until after you type it in. Ok, so I said, “No, I'm not going to click submit and have my description deleted, or cropped to the point where I can't remember the rest of it. Uh-uh. Apple-A, Apple-C, Bitch.”

Yeah, that's what happened. That's why there's a post now. Why the hell not? I never promote my work here, or at least not very often. Every record label, band artist, designer, writer, director, as well as people who I don't even know what they do send me bulletins, and blog updates on myspace. So, fuck it. You can always delete me as a friend. And I could do the same, but I don't. Not usually, most I've added for one reason or another.

So here's something I made. The HerSpace website. It was awhile ago, and probably not as good as the candle I made out of melted and cooled crayons at the YMCA as a kid. But still.

Ok…next paragraph is the description as I intended it. It's not set off by any special boxes or anything, and since it's about web design work I should probably do that, but I won't. thisblogismyblog is my writing outlet, not web design outlet. Version 2.0 of tbimb will have some of that, but not just yet.

While living in the Red Bank, NJ area, I tried to support many of the local businesses that were walking distance from my home. A flyer hanging on a wall promoting a Sun Ra concert evolved into becoming the web designer hired by advertising agency Ansorge Unlimited to create a web presence for their client. We bounced some ideas back and forth as to the main page and what information and headers needed to be included. I took it from there and developed the navigation and the look and feel for all the interior pages. I still do updates for this web site as requested, and may in the future create a blog for them as well. Did I describe my role well enough ? Let's see…umm…programming, layout, graphic design (they designed the logo, though), CSS, Javascript rollovers, embedded video, sub-navigation, and I even registered the site with as many search engines and directories as I could find. That's about it. This was was a pretty large project for me, and I'm quite proud of the way it turned out.

Wal-Mart sucks…err, flops? Again.

Why? Because they sell cheap flip flops that e-ther burn or unleash some sort of flesh-eating bacteria on your feet. The bright side is that only part of your foot in contact with the flip flop straps are affected. If you want the flip flops that just sever your feet entirely, it'll cost you 40 cents more.

Unhappy feet.

No, you don't have to thank me for linking you to some scabbed up feet just after you dinner. But if you actually read the story it seems that Wal-Mart is doing nothing about it.

And the Beef Shall Inherit the Earth

In a world where Mad Cow Disease is not an illness, but a state of rural unrest. One cow mush rise up and awakens the herd. A herd fattened up and dumbed down by genetically modified feed. Normally docile creatures with a hive mentality that has finally, collectively mooed “Enough!” (Which may actually still just sound like “Moo”, but with greater emphasis and intent.) The antibiotics and hormones pumped into this Slaughterhouse Nation has backfired against the government oppressors, who must confront the greatest beef to ever face their unchallenged empire. Special sauce and sesame seed buns are no match for…

Cows With Guns.

Thanks for the link,…umm…Sebastian?

I Dig Dug

I do. Really, I do. Dig Dug also has a kill screen.

See previous post for all about that. Or actually just a little about that. Then you have to click the link. I am conveniently not placing these links in this post, as I 'd like you to scroll down a bit instead. I dig my scroll wheel, too. Don't you?

My real reason for this post was to link to the Dig Dug inspired artwork featured in the thumbnail by Luke Chueh. And if you pronounce his last name in the one variation that's going through my head he's got as many Star Wars references as my second son has in his name. (Not intentional. But my friends have pointed them out to me. And my older son finds it quite cool. And cool has not been replaced by jealous, so that's good.)

And I might as well post a link to more Luke Chueh. Apparently he paints stuff that isn't Dig Dug related as well. And this post ends now, because I was about to put in such a God-awful that I can't even repeat to myself in my head. But involved “balance”, and I will describe it no further and leave things cryptic, so the question mark dangles above your head as you scratch it.

Your head, not the question mark. Let the question mark scratch itself, you never asked the damn thing to float there above your head.