Words and Punctuation Working Together.

Is writing when nobody's reading like dancing when no one's watching? Well a few more people may be watching because I went to great lengths and actually told them that this blog is my blog. (Not a typo, sort of not anyway. If it's not correct to begin with but became a sort of relative vernacular, then the correct way would be the typo. No wait “thisblogismyblog” is a proper noun, and is intentionally lowercased, and “this blog is my blog” is correct since it is just referring to the aforementioned proper noun.)

I think I'm starting to read my writing more than I used to. I'm starting to realize that I like to use aforementioned. There's a search field somewhere on this blog. Go 'head, Punk, type aforementioned in there. I triple dog dare ya. Then we'll both know how much in common I have with your drunken college buddy who you see once in a fortnight that retells that same stupid story every time you see him. Although none of the new eyeballs that I expect went to school with me, with these people I may share old work stories with, but typically don't since we've all decided we have more in common than working in the same place. So sometimes we talk about other things.

Good friends are the ones you can have good conversations with about stupid shit. You know, ephemera, stuff that's not important. Stuff that may be interesting. Sure there's some catching up. And usually there's no need to talk about the weather.

No linky linky in this post. I just felt like writing for a few minutes. Mission accomplished.

*** Later that day. ***

Funny. I guess I don't recall what I've read. Maybe I consciously edit/delete “aforementioned” each time I think about typing it. I did search my site. This post is the only mention of aforementioned. These are the things you do when you roll around in bed not sleeping before getting up to type some nonsense into a computer. Which is probably not a good idea if you want to go back to sleep, something about electronic fields and Circadian rhythms.

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