Shirt Update

It's nice when there's evidence that someone read your blog. I mean, besides your wife or the guy who sits next to you at work, who should be minding his own damn business. It's not his company, what the hell does he care what I'm doing on their time.

Indigo Clothing featured my recent charity t-shirt post. Hooray for me. Does anyone really want to read this self-gloating post? (Is there really any other kind of gloating?) Probably not, but how often do we get to express glee? (Actually fairly often, life's pretty good these days.)

Anyhow I found a subscriber as well. That's even more surprising. So thanks to those of you, and to those that read, I'll try to refrain from this type of post in the future.

I really just wanted to say that Threadless seems to be done with the Katrina shirts, you can request a reprint, but I don't know how soon that will happen, so in the meantime you may want to buy one of the others.

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