GTA IV Not Reviewed Here

I can't believe this is now available, and I am without a system to play it. Yes, I could buy a new system, and this is the killer app (no pun intended) to drive new console sales. It was what I was waiting for.

But right now, I have a self-imposed boycott on excessive spending, and unless someone pays me real soon to write about video games, I can't justify the expenditure, when debt reduction is my current goal.

I feel the need to post, because GTA has been the source the majority of traffic to my blog. And most of those posts were written back when San Andreas was released, and they still bring in the most traffic here. The game has pull.

But right now, economics is getting the best of me.

I said right now…for now.

There is a PS3 beckoning me. I hear it. I feel it. It comes to me in dreams. It haunts me. It taunts me. I sense a disturbance in The Force each time a “10” is given in a review somewhere.

Like any addict, I can find a way to justify the purchase, but for now my line is drawn in the sand. I'm not exactly sure how that line in the sand thing works, whether it's me who crosses it, or if I wait for something to cross it, or if it has something to do with the tides, but right now it means I'm not buying Grand Theft Auto IV in the immediate future.

I am a freaking masochist. Reading Kotaku's not helping.

GTA IV Trailer

Lest I forget what generated the most traffic to this blog, I link to the Rockstar Games trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. Perhaps calling it a teaser site would be proper. But proper and GTA kind of make for strange bedfellows. It looks like a return to Liberty City. Maybe they'll take a cue from San Andreas and expand the territory and have some road trips through the Northeast, or at the very least down the Jersey Shore.

GTA Ghost Photographer Movie Updated.

Visit my previous link on the mysterious ghost photographers of San Andreas. The link to the movie was dead. It was a ghost link, if you will. And, if you won't, well…it still wasn't working. But now that's all over. I will probably make this available on YouTube in the near future.

It was made with a digital camera, but I still think it's the only movie online featuring the ghost photographer. I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. But let's just say I'm not and move in.

As far as the new Grand Theft Auto for PS2, Liberty City Stories, no, I haven't purchased it yet.

UPDATE:The video is on YouTube now as well. Here, in my vlog and here, in the greater YouTubeosphere.

GTA: Liberty City Stories: Out for PS2

If you're lucky your local Circuit City will have it in stock. And if they do, their price is $14.99. Although I haven't seen a Circuit City near me that has a copy. It's NOT available online.

Good luck, Gamers.

UPDATE: 6/20/2006: I was just at the Circuit City web site, and now this title is available there at the $14.99 price.

bills. choe. moraites. gta. katamari.

I don't much care for bills. I care even less for paying them. i'm kind of paying them now, but not really. i've been looking at the katamari home page and david choe's web site.

Choe's site has a photo collage (it's in that pop-up window which is also the “news” link) which if you scroll down goes into detail about his hobby of setting up the perfect photos in GTA: San Andreas (this link is not to photos by David Choe, obviously). And since this site (thisblogismyblog, my parentheses are getting more annoying than ever, just pray that I don't scan through this one more time) hasn't commented on the Grand Theft franchise for awhile, why not mention it here. The GTA gamers will get some perspective outside of cheat codes and rumours.

I'm a big fan of Choe's art, I've picked up Bruised Fruit and Cursiv. But I'll admit it's been awhile since I flipped through. He pops up here and there in Giant Robot.

And while I'm on the subject of West Coast folks, I'll mention Pete(r) Moraites. And then I'll mention to him this posting. But by then he'd probably have read it. Or maybe not. Anyway…Pete is avisualmucialtitleanimatronillustrvidedirectninja guy. He's mad talented, and he's got something called focus working in his favor in the last few years. Like how Cyclops from the X-Men needs those goggles or fucking lasers just destroy all. I think he's got those goggles implanted in his brain or something.

Yeah…umm…well he's got a DVD release party happening which includes his video and music work (solo and as part of the duo, Salvador Dalek) It's this Saturday May 20th, beginning at 7PM at the Ocean Front Gallery, 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA 90291. Full details here.

I figured I'd mention Pete's work or web site at some point or another. But not really when I was paying my bills thinking I was going to segway into more of a personal post, and then detouring via David Choe in Pete's direction. But posts have a way of writing themselves.

Oh yeah the Peter Moraites DVD is entitled Spelling Test. I hadn't mentioned that, and it will probably be better for everyone's Googling purposes now that I've told you. And he blogs here.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

I still get lots of traffic due to the amount of GTA: San Andreas on this site. I haven't posted on Liberty City Stories, since, well I just don't have it. I've got a PSP sitting here sealed that I originally bought in order to sell, but The U.S. market was never clamoring for the device. So here it sits, with its lovely shrinkwrapped outer membrane.

But it does not surprise me that edisoncarter is up to his old tricks again, this time handheld style. He's developed “CheatDevice v0.4 for Liberty City Stories”.

“Hot Coffee” on PS2 Confirmed

As I've got my hands full with the newborn these days, I've left the dirty work to Migs. He has confirmed that the Action Replay codes that have been floating around do indeed work on PS2 versions of GTA: San Andreas. You enter the house of your date and make with the festivities. Gamespot also confirms.

There was a post on Joystiq about the scapegoating of Rockstar Games, when apparently, God of War has much more violence. But the furor over this is blown out of proportion. To play the “Hot Coffee” mode, you need either an Action Replay, a Game Shark, or to download mods and patches. Then you need to find the codes necessary to make this thing work. Then you can play simulated sex games. And for a child to do this, it means the parents must have been blind to every news story about GTA: San Andreas when it was first released, and not really given a fuck about what games their kid played. Heck, those parents are probably getting their kids beer and cigarettes.

In this day and age, I think it's a lot easier to find porn on this little creation called the Internet. You may have heard of it. Al Gore invented it. But Tipper wouldn't have allowed that to happen, if she knew her hubby's creation was going to be used in such a way. Maybe we can place a warning sticker on the Internet. Then maybe Wal-Mart wil sell it. I hear they got the cheapest Internets at Wal-Mart. My buddy got one the other day, and its got the porn on it and everything.

As this post collapses into nothingness, at least I feel like I've done my job, I can't have all those other posts about GTA and not comment on “Hot Coffee”. Although, to be honest, I am sick to death about reading about it.

So, Net-net. Rockstar basically says they didn't inhale, but put a Rumsfeldian spin on it. The game gets pulled from shelves, gets an AO (Adults-Only) sticker. Take-Two Interactive, the publisher that owns Rockstar, tells Wall Street the numbers will be lower. I hope to read more about games and less about this garbage in the near future.