Matt Lauer Ignores the Teleprompter

There's no way President Bush could have expected anything except Jeff Gannon size softballs to hit out of the park, but my guess is Matt Lauer saw an advance of that new George Clooney movie, Good Night and Good Luck, and fired up by Edward R. Murrow, he came out of it like I did as a kid after watching the Rocky movies. Lauer set his sights on the president, made light of the “photo-op”, and went on to ask questions about Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and why the government doesn't want to ever forgive the Katrina debt.

Bush handled the interview better than I would have imagined. (Translation: 85% less stuttering and stammering, Andy Dick would be disappointed.) His handlers must have prepared him already for some other audience. But still his sometimes incredulous expression simply said, “WTF?”

Lauer must want Dan Rather's job or something. I always thought Matt Lauer just came across as completely dull and uninteresting, but he had his argument with Tom Cruise a few months back and has now showed the president another vertebrae in the news media backbone.

The president's comment, “Last night, Laura and had dinner with Mayor Nagin and a group of distinguished New Orleans citizens from all walks of life.” intrigued me. Was Robert Davis one of those distinguished citizens?

All in all a fun time was had by all…but President Bush.

Jon Stewart at the Emmys

Topical and edgy. Comedy Central does better reporting than your local news. You know, that show that they advertise at every sitcom commercial break with those permasmile newsreaders shuffling papers engaged in faux conversation that has much less to do with current events, and more likely regarding moisturizers, since that's what news people do. (By, “that show”, I meant the “local news”, but you knew that, right?.)

Jon Stewart may actually have exceeded Eric Cartman as the biggest celebrity at Comedy Central. Who would have thought The Daily Show would end up doing the most journalism on television.

Blah blah blah. Funny stuff at the Emmys. A Kilborn says what? What's a Kilborn anyway, does that have something to do with post-delivery abortions?

Save the Breast for Last

Actually, I'll lead with it.

Drop in for Tara Reid's  exposed breast. Stick around for political discourse.

That's Hategun. Not to be confused with Lovegun. No…wait…I actually meant the Kiss album. I swear. This blog needs to cut down on the NSFW.

Although, at least Ashcroft won't be bothering me anymore. But before we go celebrating uncovering those revealing, sinful statues in D.C., let's be sure it's not a case of the “The Devil You Know…”.

I figured you know the rest of that one, I don't exctly remember. But I
do know it's appropriate, and doesn't break any decency laws.

Who will it be? Alberto Gonzales? Officer Barbrady? Mr. Garrison? Chef? Jimbo? the 1989 Denver Broncos?

You know…Barbrady would probably slip into the Bush cabinet as
Attorney General just as easy as Tara Reid's breast slipped out of that
dress. (see above) Jimbo could take over as Secretary of Defense. And
I'm sure Bush could find a position for Garrison, who would support the
president's stance against gay marriage.

Kerry victorious…

else on the planet
, but the United States. Small problem,
though. Only the U.S. vote counts, and maybe Guam,
sure what happened there. But no one's waiting for their
ballots. But Kerry's not disputing their 1/16th of an
electoral vote

Like Hunter
S. Thompson
said, “Four more years of George Bush will be
like four more years of syphilis.”

Looks like we
got the disease, and none of the fun associated with it.