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Kudlow Heading to Fox

April 8, 2008 No comments

Ok…that title was a tease, but it would be the sort of premature announcement that Fox would make before a deal was actually announced, if the 2000 presidential election is any indication.

I tire of Larry Kudlow on CNBC. So today I contacted CNBC through their web site to complain. Does this e-mail go beyond the webmaster? I don't know. I had difficulty using the “Fast Message” feature today when I tried to contact the Fast Money guys about erroneously referring to Ravi Shankar as being deceased. Maybe I should have included that in my e-mail about Kudlow. That way if my message was being sent to the wrong person in one respect, they may have at least been the right person to fix something else. And then the next time someone else living is referred to as dead, I can save their asses live in real-time.

I have a ridiculous amount of work right now, and this post does not deserve the attention is getting. But yelling at the television, clearly wonderful for multi-tasking, alas, is not offering me any satisfaction. Not the way a one-sided rant on the Internets will anyhow.

So what follows is my complaint to CNBC, which did not include my prior dissatisfaction with Kudlow for crediting the stock market growth from 1982-2000 to Ronald Reagan. Yet most of that growth looked to occur from 1994-2000. I think Bill Clinton was president during that time.

Alright…I know most of the people who read this blog, (yes, the five of you) probably could care less about this, but this blog is my blog as the name implies, so I write what I write. Hmmm… Is that taken?

CNBC message begins

Please let Larry Kudlow go to Fox where he belongs. Enough of his protectionist rants against those who would like to keep jobs in this country. “Protecting” things is not such a bad idea when you are protecting working Americans who need jobs, as opposed to those like Kudlow who seek to protect the income of the folks who have enough riches that they don't need jobs. Those who live high on the hog off their dividends. I've heard him using the argument that more people own stock than ever before in this country, but that argument never includes what percentage of a typical working American's income is derived from their stock portfolio.

Perhaps Kudlow will be heading to Fox soon, where he will clearly be greeted with open arms. And for those Kudlow fans out there, I'm sure they have nothing to fear. Dennis Kneale would slide right into that role of supporting corporations and supply-side economics at all costs.

CNBC message ends

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Super-Awesome Disregard.

October 1, 2007 No comments

I read Max Barry's books, actually just Jennifer Government so far. Sometimes I read what he writes online. Often I enjoy it.

Here's his recent post on DirecTV's blatant disregard for people on the Do Not Call list. It cannot be driven home enough how super awesome a post it is.

See what I did in that last sentence. I made like 12-15 (it was so many I just gave up counting) words into a link. I try to never do that. It lessens readability. Today that doesn't concern me. Reducing the linked text to just “recent post” or blatant disregard” are not things I care about today. I don't know why. I just figure it best to be upfront and honest about it.

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