Two-Timing Blogger.

I'm not as attentive to your needs as I used to be. I hardly talk anymore. Your suspicions are correct.

I'm blogging elsewhere. This time as paid blogger, or is the term “pro blogger”? I don't know. I'm not sure it matters. There's a part of me that believes I can maintain this blog, and still post elsewhere. There's a part of that won't admit that it doesn't, although I'll admit that the part of me that believes I can is a much bigger part. Let's call that part my lungs, versus the non-believing part my appendix. Although since I never said these were physical body parts, let's pull a 180° and not call them anything.

I'll come clean. I've been posting on a regular to semi-regular basis at There's should hopefully be enough of a trace of my style that you'll figure out which articles are mine. Typically I write about nutrition and alternative health items that appear in the news. My angle is that I' just like anyone else trying to sift through the information out there to make health decisions for myself and my family. I'm not an authoritarian, but someone that makes gradual changes to improve health.

I will still eat cheeseburgers, but not as often. Dessert…sometimes, yes; but not all the time. Vitamins, supplements and other healthy foods will be added to my diet to improve my overall well-being.

I don't think I actually say this anywhere on the other blog, maybe I should, but that's my angle. It's easy for doctors or nutrition and fitness gurus to tell somebody to flip a switch and change their entire diet immediately, but I don't think that's realistic with all people, and may often send people right back to where they started that much quicker. And two, if you change your diet to all organic products and purchase every vitamin mineral, and herbal supplement on the market, you'll find that last week's paycheck has disappeared that much quicker.

Anyway that's where I've been. That explains the sneaking around, the long silences, the detachment. Tell me we can still make this work.

shannon's arty arty, Undead Metal Mascots, Chiptunes…etc.

Occasionally people that don't know me read this blog. Occasionally people who do know me read this blog. Occasionally people do wear white after Labor Day.
One of those people is Shannon Palmer. (And I'm sure she wears what she wants, Labor Day be Damned!) Normally I don't have a reason to out a reader. It's not all about blog nepotism. I read her blog. And it's good. She blogs about music, art and other things that are neither and some that are both.
After falling down the rabbit hole I found her blog. It wasn't exactly chasing a white rabbit, but close. Somehow I even landed on her blogroll. If I sound giddy as a schoolgirl, it's because someone reads this. And perhaps the Catholic school uniform and pigtails I'm sporting right now.
Yes, humor and creepiness can co-exist. And if for nothing else except one more reader, this writer will live to blog another day. (I think I actually paraphrased a line from “The Trooper” just there. But then I read the lyrics and think, “No, not really.”) Eddie Lives. Guy crossing the street dies.

As a contrarian sidebar, I'm listening to the microradio from Homefront for a good portion of homegrown 8-bit Gameboy jams.

So my memory doesn't have to serve me correctly.

I hate how you need to sign up for a blog post a comment on a blogger blog. Shit…I'm talking like a fucking smurf.

Anyway I commented at Gorilla vs. Bear today, because I was annoyed with the anonymous comments there. But that's besides the point.

The purpose of this post is so I remember the location of the free blogger blog that I had no choice but to sign up for. I actually figured out my password and now I know the address in case I want to do something with that blog.


If you expect nothing, you won't be disappointed. This is for me and my personal grey matter.

The scary thing is that the post there has 2 comments. I'm not sure I've had that many here that weren't by me.

Granted, the first is clearly spam. And the second one found my blog inquisitive. No one to my knowledge found thisblogismyblog inquisitive. Yet alliwantedwastoleaveacomment gets the kudos.

Perhaps abandoned blogs will be the wave of the future. Perhaps if there's some kind of huge drought some teens will ride their skateboards inside the abandoned blogs and create some sort of cultural phenomenon.

What? Don't look at me like that. It could happen.

Attention Span of an Oscillating Fan.

Today I was attempting to catch up with some work, but then my short-attention span kicked in, like 30 or 40 times, and now I don't know why I'm here, but I don't get paid for blogging, yet I'm still here, for some reason or another.

Anyway, getting back to work I was going to stream some tunes from The Hype Machine. If there were only 10 web sites left on the Internet, this would need to be one of them. Small problem, with that theory though. The Hype Machine is like an mp3 blog aggregator. (Ed: Dropping the like from the previous sentence would still result in a true statement with a slightly less conversational tone.) (Ed: That means Editor right, well there's no editor, just me. Don't get the impression that this blog is actually proofread.) Although if you've read it before it's probably become quite clear to you that it's not.

What was I saying about my attention span, again?

Oh yeah, 10 sites left on the Internet. The Hype Machine being one.

Well, it would be completely useless if the other 9 weren't mp3 blogs. And that's highly unlikely. Because the other 9 sites left would probably just be porn anyway.

I hope the Internet is never reduced to 10 web sites. Kind of like I hope the Vice President never comes to my house and shoots me. But if he came to my house he probably wouldn't. He'd probably just raise my thermostat to about 94 degrees. Because somehow him and his friends will make more money that way.

Ok…I was trying to find The Hype Machine site today, and I accidentally stumbled upon their blog. And through that blog I found A Softer World. I was greatly amused. Joey Comeau makes the funny captions and I suppose takes the pictures they accompany. (Ed: WRONG! Emily takes the pictures.) But I cannot confirm or deny that part.

When I read Overqualified, also by Joey Comeau, I was also amused. I also used also twice in that sentence. And look I just did so again. I was again amused, but not as greatly. Remember how I was mentioning that short attention span. When the words are many and the pictures are few, that tends to kick in.

Words + pictures = amusement.

Words – pictures = amusement – 1.

So I guess I need to stick a picture somewhere in this posting, huh?