Blog of Frustration

I did it again. I just erased whole post that I spent I don't know how long concocting. I'm so pissed at my own stupidity that I have to go to sleep since it's nearly 3 AM, which means I've deprived myself of sleep again for the purpose of posting on this lonely old blog. But if I re-write the post now, it will probably contain a good amount of bile in post that set out to be quite the opposite of a rant. You know what, it's not even going to be this post. It will be the next one.



ARRGH! It's like baking a batch of cookies from scratch and then absentmindedly putting them down the garbage disposal.

I'm sure I'm not the only blogger to have done this. So perhaps I'll take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone. But comfort doesn't type the post again, now does it?

Donkey Kong II

I just posted over at Armchair Arcade. I'll probably post the same article here as well, but it fits nicely with their classic gaming and homebrew content. But since I've not been posting anywhere of late, with a writer's block beginning to border on legendary, there needs to be some reference to it here at TBIMB, actually, tbimb.

Yes, Donkey Kong II. Someone actually took the old code and made new levels with it. What's next? Maybe they'll add a few mor ghosts to Pac-Man. Stinky, Kinky, Dinky, and I don't know, how 'bout Buscemi? That's a good name for a ghost. And if Tarantino ever turns Pac-Man into a movie, who else but Steve Buscemi would play Pinky.

I can see it now:

“Why am I Pinky?”

“Because you're pink, alright?”

Enough of that, go over to Armchair Arcade for the full story minus any Reservoir Dogs references.