Words and Punctuation Working Together.

Is writing when nobody's reading like dancing when no one's watching? Well a few more people may be watching because I went to great lengths and actually told them that this blog is my blog. (Not a typo, sort of not anyway. If it's not correct to begin with but became a sort of relative vernacular, then the correct way would be the typo. No wait “thisblogismyblog” is a proper noun, and is intentionally lowercased, and “this blog is my blog” is correct since it is just referring to the aforementioned proper noun.)

I think I'm starting to read my writing more than I used to. I'm starting to realize that I like to use aforementioned. There's a search field somewhere on this blog. Go 'head, Punk, type aforementioned in there. I triple dog dare ya. Then we'll both know how much in common I have with your drunken college buddy who you see once in a fortnight that retells that same stupid story every time you see him. Although none of the new eyeballs that I expect went to school with me, with these people I may share old work stories with, but typically don't since we've all decided we have more in common than working in the same place. So sometimes we talk about other things.

Good friends are the ones you can have good conversations with about stupid shit. You know, ephemera, stuff that's not important. Stuff that may be interesting. Sure there's some catching up. And usually there's no need to talk about the weather.

No linky linky in this post. I just felt like writing for a few minutes. Mission accomplished.

*** Later that day. ***

Funny. I guess I don't recall what I've read. Maybe I consciously edit/delete “aforementioned” each time I think about typing it. I did search my site. This post is the only mention of aforementioned. These are the things you do when you roll around in bed not sleeping before getting up to type some nonsense into a computer. Which is probably not a good idea if you want to go back to sleep, something about electronic fields and Circadian rhythms.

New Year's Easter Egg

I meant to post about this previously, but there's a lot of things I meant to post about previously, and unlike those I remembered this one. Sort of.

What I meant to post was how if you played The Simpsons Road Rage on Christmas Day, you would be able top play as Christmas Apu. So, just in time for New Year's, I'll remind you that you can play as New Years Krusty (scroll down to “Seasonal Characters”) on guess when, yep, January 1st. I believe there are cheat codes to play as these characters, and there's always the option of adjusting the clock on your PS2, but it's always more fun to discover this for the first time, on the associated holiday.

Happy New Year. (No exclamation point since I kind of just said it. In my head, there was no exclaiming, so no need for the vertical punctuation that we all love and probably tend to overuse.)

On that note, I believe !!! has a new album out.

The Pig That Saved Christmas

A recent post (Mission in Snowdriftland) and the ensuing dialogue at Armchair Arcade reminded me of this Christmas oriented platform game. If the presents are already wrapped, and it's time to kick back with an egg nog or some hot cocoa, then visit the Playdo Christmas page and try Save the Santa.

It took awhile to find. Many Google searches proved fruitless. It wasn't until I found Save the Sheriff that I found my way to Playdo and the Save the Santa.

I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I said that now in case there's not another post. I'm actually surprised there's even this one.

Skins for Your PS3…Literally

I'm not even sure if I should link to such a thing, ok I'm kindof (seriously, kindof should be one word, without the space, think kinda, then do the proper pronunciation, sometimes that's fun) sure I should since it is relevant (to what I'm not sure, social mores in post-milennial America perhaps.) Scantily clad women have long been a successful marketing ploy for beer, bikinis, beer, men's magazines, beer, women's magazines, lingerie, beer, calendars, and beer. Did I mention beer?

No longer are pixelated maidens alone on their glossy packaging in encouraging video game sales. Now we have real live amateurs baring much to peddle PS3s on eBay. (NSFW – Not Safe for Work, for you home gamers, because of ads for other adult sites). Oh, and one professional. (SFW, but a link could probably make it Not So Safe for Work (NSSFW) very quickly.

Here's a link with less pics, but more safe. (LSBMFFW – Less Pics, but More Safe for Work)

The Nintendo Wii needs no such marketing to sell. It's inherently sexy.

To quote Devil Ducky: I like go-karts… VROOM VROOM.

Mission in Snowdriftland.

Any kid with an Advent calendar knows there's few days remaining before Christmas, Although I'm sure most really don't need that calendar to remind them, and there's enough of them that think the few are still to many (Patience, children, patience.) Nintendo has a nice twist on the Advent calendar. They call it Mission in Snowdriftland. Why not count down the days with a classic style 2D side-scrolling platformer? Quite fun. Not simple. And the teeth won't be rotted out from getting the candy behind each door. Here there's a new level to play each day as Christmas approaches. So since I'm a bit tardy in this posting, there's currently plenty of available levels for sinking your teeth into.

The game was apparently designed by extra toxic. I mention this because if you click through to their web site and then get all clicky with their navigation, the animated robotic fellow moving the mini-screen around is pretty unique. Nice job all around.

Role Models Can Play Video Games

When I read this strip from Running in the Halls, I knew I wanted to post about it. I am that strange breed of adult that confounds the younger folk with video game knowledge. And it's really not so strange, my generation grew up with video games, and for the most part they are certainly more geared for adults than they were years ago. But I don't think it's the adult thing that stops many from continuing playing. It's the time thing.

I really just like this Running in the Halls strip. I'm not certain how I feel about this post. If this post was an action movie, some car chase scene with lots of explosions would try to save it. But it's not a movie. And car chase scenes don't save a piece of shit movie.

Not that I feel this way about this post. I'm actually starting to feel a bit better about it.

The lone blogger clicks save and rides off into the sunset.

Snowboarding History Lesson

Their Crap is My Crap.

totallycrap.com featured the History of Snowboarding in 2 Minutes. And I present it to you. I feel like I just got a history lesson in the manner in which Neo learned kung fu, minus the coax cable in my brainstem. Wait a minute…how'd that get there?

Image is from Mister Reusch, who apparently does some fine work. I love when I find another interesting site when I'm trying to round out a posting. Serendipity is bliss.

I'm Not the Only One Who Loves Beyond Good & Evil.

Apparently the folks at Dueling Analogs do, as well.

I'm trying to find this other web comic I thought I bookmarked the other day. It's starting to irritate me, bookmarking is easy. I'm having doubts about my level of competence if I can't bookmark. Must be a software issue.

At least it lead me to Dueling Analogs. And perhaps I will check it out again before I forgot that it exists anymore like I do with most webcomics. Maybe I really don't know how to bookmark.

But I kow how to link. I will link to my other post about Beyond Good & Evil. It worked, didn't it?


(I've never used grand like that before, but figured it was fair use of the word in a way it's no longer used in the common vernacular, or may never have been.)