For dinner last night I had some sharp cheddar cheese, potato chips (2 different flavors of Kettle chips, beer cheddar = yum), and a banana, and a mango. I'm not sure where this is going, but is it any wonder it's difficult getting my kids to eat right. I'm sure the flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and pecan pieces dropped into yogurt for breakfast today did nothing to encourage my five year old. I think i try to eat very on often enough occasions, so that I can eat some absolute crap and still end up with a better nutritional lifestyle than most of my American peers.

We made Pancakes today for breakfast. And I threw in some egg, applesauce, cinnamon, vanilla, and macadamia nut oil into the mix to get something besides flour in the little guy's system.

Now that I'm done typing I will strategically insert links in places that may or may not be appropriate to ensure this posting gets an “E” for effort. Which, where I come from is still a failing grade.

Note: Egg link goes to mini-game, in case you need a further distraction. If you weren't distracted already, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

Let it be known.

I rolled up the Queen. No, not her. The Queen of All Cosmos. (She's the one on the right, sans facial hair.) It happened about three weeks ago, but it took awhile, and I actually had to wake up my son a little earlier in the morning to witness it, since he would never forgive me if I didn't. (You are entitled to your opinion of me as a parent, and if you decide to share it, then please share some hints on getting the 5 year old to eat vegetables as well.) I don't recall the exact size of the katamari necessary for rolling up her royal highness, but it had to be between 3000 and 3500 meters.

The animated gif is from the Panic web site. Fine purveyors of Mac software and Katamari Damacy t-shirts. Well, where else would you by them? Target ain't got 'em. I'm expecting my shirt soon. And in the meantime I'm debating of when to unveil the PSP in my house, and the family debut of Me & My Katamari. There's a five hour road trip coming up real soon, so it'll happen before then.

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GameSetWatch Interview with Cabel Sasser of Panic on the collaboration on the shirts with Katamari creator, Keita Takahashi.

GamaSutra Interview with Keita Takahashi.

KmikeyM – he who packs the shirts in mailing envelopes..

Homeless got run over by a Grandma

A stretch, but…ah well.

This is not chicken soup for the soul. But I still can't get over this story about the two 70 year old women that take out large insurance policies on homeless men. Sounds a little odd, but not completely evil. But that's until you hear the part about how the men are found dead as a result of hit and run accidents.

So much for arsenic and old lace.

The filename for the thumbnail from contains the moniker “fraudbroads”. That would make a better title than mine.

bills. choe. moraites. gta. katamari.

I don't much care for bills. I care even less for paying them. i'm kind of paying them now, but not really. i've been looking at the katamari home page and david choe's web site.

Choe's site has a photo collage (it's in that pop-up window which is also the “news” link) which if you scroll down goes into detail about his hobby of setting up the perfect photos in GTA: San Andreas (this link is not to photos by David Choe, obviously). And since this site (thisblogismyblog, my parentheses are getting more annoying than ever, just pray that I don't scan through this one more time) hasn't commented on the Grand Theft franchise for awhile, why not mention it here. The GTA gamers will get some perspective outside of cheat codes and rumours.

I'm a big fan of Choe's art, I've picked up Bruised Fruit and Cursiv. But I'll admit it's been awhile since I flipped through. He pops up here and there in Giant Robot.

And while I'm on the subject of West Coast folks, I'll mention Pete(r) Moraites. And then I'll mention to him this posting. But by then he'd probably have read it. Or maybe not. Anyway…Pete is avisualmucialtitleanimatronillustrvidedirectninja guy. He's mad talented, and he's got something called focus working in his favor in the last few years. Like how Cyclops from the X-Men needs those goggles or fucking lasers just destroy all. I think he's got those goggles implanted in his brain or something.

Yeah…umm…well he's got a DVD release party happening which includes his video and music work (solo and as part of the duo, Salvador Dalek) It's this Saturday May 20th, beginning at 7PM at the Ocean Front Gallery, 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, CA 90291. Full details here.

I figured I'd mention Pete's work or web site at some point or another. But not really when I was paying my bills thinking I was going to segway into more of a personal post, and then detouring via David Choe in Pete's direction. But posts have a way of writing themselves.

Oh yeah the Peter Moraites DVD is entitled Spelling Test. I hadn't mentioned that, and it will probably be better for everyone's Googling purposes now that I've told you. And he blogs here.

Hardware Wars

I believe I was in 3rd grade when they played this in my elementary school, but it may have been earlier since Star Wars came out when I was in 1st grade. (LL note: Looks like it was 1st grade. 1977.) I still chuckle when I see this. If the Internet was around back then, they certainly would have had a ton of traffic.

Hardware Wars.


Home page

IMDB entry

Wikipedia entry

Apparently, in 1999, George Lucas called Hardware Wars his favorite Star Wars parody.

I'm a big Chewchilla fan myself. I fondly remember him gnawing on Princess Anne-Droid's cinnamon buns.

Comments begat posts

Sometimes it takes another blog to kickstart the fluids in the grey matter to congeal into some form of thought. Rather than to let this pseudo-intellectual colloid cause any type of brain hemorrhaging, I'll post it here, just in case the blogholder deems it unworthy of publication on their site.

Blog: Life Beyond Code

Author: Rajesh Setty

Posting where my comment may appear: Ways to distinguish yourself #127 Synchronize your configurations

Synchrony – It's the reason that the baseball team with the highest payroll cannot get their boat to the World Series every year. A team composed of All-Stars will not beat the best regular team on a given day. Statistics are only that…statistics. It doesn't mean you'll get the same performance in September that you got in July. If your third baseman thinks your catcher is a scumbag, there may be some trouble with synchrony even if they are the best at their position.
I enjoyed your post, and making the connection that even in our personal lives, the concept of synchrony or teams is involved in situations where you feel you are operating in a vacuum. I may feel like I'm alone when I'm dealing with a medical bill that my insurance won't pay, and although there's no formal team, the individual efforts, attitudes, and abilities of myself, the customer service rep at the insurance company, their manager, the clerk at my doctor's office, and perhaps the doctor herself(himself) will determine the success of this unrealized(?) team to process payment on my insurance claim.
We don't wear the same uniforms or collect a paycheck from the same place, but every issue that is addressed by more than one individual requires some happy synchrony to see itself to fruition. Even if the item is low priority on one person's to-do list, the respect with which I treat one of my “team members” in our conversations could have a great effect on the final result.
Good luck with your book.

There you have it. A post. Sure, it's a comment, but as the title would indicate, this is my blog, so if I want my comments on another site to be a post, well then, they'll be a post.

On another note, I started reading Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein tonight. Yeah, the forward of the book already has me feeling like a tropical fish in the Antarctic Circle, but I figure there's got to be something I could gain from reading this. I'm already wondering that if these theories can be applied to such mass entities billions of light years away, isn't the inverse possible? Can the macro affect the micro? Is it possible that these theories of mathematics and physics could be used to come up with the solutions needed to deal with viruses or cancer cells. Maybe in fact, they already are, because right now I don't know enough about either, but I do know that if my mind is still working, I certainly ain't dead, and that's a good thing.

See ya next post.

I'm Back.

…not like Return of the Jedi, though. More like Karate Kid II.

Let's not overpublicize my return to my blog. Let's keep it low-key. Besides, I'm kind of busy, but I know if I don't post, the moss will collect.

Anyway, I may remove the post about the I-Bonds, apparently the Gods of Economics (not him, he retired…nice paintings, by the way) have decided that inflation is no longer such a big threat and the rate of I-Bonds has dropped to 2.47%. There is a fixed portion to I-Bonds, but apparently, very little of the 6.73% previously offered was fixed.

I think the credit card companies have taken over the Federal Reserve. Although there are no frequent flyer miles to be earned through the purchase of United States Savings Bonds.