Rolf Mashes

I'm not really sure where I was going with this posting. But here it is, in its primordial state, I think all postings start out this way until they become so dense that they collapse upon themselves and form something else entirely. Something else which is exactly nothing like a universe.

I know Rolf harris mashup shitmat ROFLMAO wiggles son

Rolf Harris


Put them together to form…

Teany bit of writing

For someone who's music is predominantly instrumental, Moby always seems to have a lot to say. He included War and Peace in the liner notes of Play. (By the way, what is the correct way to format book titles, CD titles, and movie/tv show titles? Do they all get the same formatting? I think I actually care and would bother to be consistent with that. I'm blegging my readers for the answer.)

Perhaps he's a frustrated lyricist. Maybe he should listen to more rap, it could be a lack of rhyming skills.

Aside from music I have a minor obsession, actually just a curiosity for interesting beverages, which means something I haven't seen before that looks kind of shiny, or has really pretty packaging. For the most part Teany has neither, it's got minimalist packaging, but that doesn't stop it from being pretty. A field of snow does wonders for white, doesn't it? And I believe it's the Swiss (or the Swedes) that do that whole really clean design thing.

Well, surely enough there's a big paragraph of text on the side of the green tea with ginseng. Now I think Moby writes well, or at least in an interesting way, not too/unlike my own conversational like writing that I sometime like to read, because “I love myself, I want you to love me”. Wait? Was there any reason to start quoting the Divinyls? Am Irevealing what I do on the Internet when I'm not blogging.

My sentence tend to run away with themselves sometimes.

Here's the gist. I drank this Teany green tea with ginseng that Moby has stuck on a few store shelves, and I was surprised by how good it was. It's plenty sweet enough without being overloaded with sugar. Now if I could order it from his web site without having to pay about 4 bucks a bottle, we could have something.

Maybe it's good that Moby does mostly instrumental stuff, because I don't think my blog postings or his thesises (theses?) would sound paticularly good set to music. Unless Christopher Walken was reading them perhaps.

I both started and ended a sentence with perhaps in this posting. See if you can find the two sentences. You can? Great. Now go elsewhere and do something else. I need to go and feed the baby.

A Million Little Pieces of Shit

I just learned about the 'Criminal' known as James Frey. I found it so intriguing I actually read something on the web that spanned 6 pages. The advertisers really got the value on their clickthrough. Although I can't remember one ad, other than The Smoking Gun hawking their own t-shirts.

I've read The Smoking Gunn off and on for years. They always make with the damning documents, so if what they find on Jimmy Frey looks a lot more deserving of “no videogames for a week” than a stay at Leavenworth, I'm inclined to say that Frey is completely full of shit.

The fact that he pulled the wool over Oprah's eyes is definitely worth a chuckle. But the least she could do is expose the chink in her armor, and address the issue on a future show.

Frey was to appear on Larry King a few hours ago. I wonder how that went.

And Random House is apparently not offering a refund. Perhaps something out of Big Jim Industries bears some truth. Including his bio which makes no mention of incarceration or addiction.

Defamer links have been thrown in for the fun of it. (plus one Gawker link.)

I like how Frey apparently shopped his book around as fiction, rejected unanimously, of course, but once he tweaked it (spellchecked perhaps) and pawned it as a non-fiction work, it got picked up.

These are the kind of posts you get when your notes on your 2005 music posting are outside in your car during a veritable monsoon. (OK…I admit I pulled a Jimmy here, the rain ended about a 1/2 hour ago, and the car is in the garage downstairs, I'm just lazy. There I've come clean.)

Anointing of Alito

Those crazy ministers with their wild hijinx. Sneaking into conference rooms and blessing seats. 13 of 'em I believe. I remember hearing of another gathering involving 13 seats. Things didn't turn out to well for one of them. Certainly couldn't compare Alito to that guy.

I guess the thing I found oddest about this article is that the hearing rooms were not locked. Because these rooms are “not of interest to anyone”, according to Capitol Hill police. Tell that to the 50 cameramen, numerous photographers, members of left and right lobbying groups, and a bunch of RNC-approved bloggers.

[ Now where was I? I just commented on this event over at Crooks and Liars. I'm probably somewhere around comment # 41, but who's counting. ]
[ You know I really like typing in these brackets, so I'll save you the trouble of scrolling through the comments there, because there's never much scrolling here at thisblogismyblog. And that's what makes it special. Really I'm including it because I think I'm so fucking clever sometimes, even when I'm not, although I'm starting to sense my self-deprecation is beginning to wear thin. I mean if you self-deprecate to much who's really going to buy it. It's the same reason why Nine Inch Nails doesn't sell as many CDs today. We've heard Trent Reznor and his misery and self-loathing for some time, yet he's still alive in 2006. Legitimacy's the issue here, in addition to streaying off-topic. ]

Oh, and before I forget, here's my comments over at Crooks and Liars. And yes, these are unsolicited comments from a D-list blogger that appear there only because I can type and submit with the best of them. But I am a commenter who has greater concerns than just “fristing” the rest of the pack.

I followed the links to each of the Mehlman-tested, RNC-approved bloggers. 2 of them had photos of Rove, but nothing substantial to go with it. But keep sifting and you find that Rove wanted to keep their discussions in private. Not like attorney-client privilege type private, more like Cheney energy mettings private.
So much for freedom of speech. I'm certain none of the discussions with Rove and the Blogosphere's DC 10, contained any threats to national security. Probably more like, “hey guys forget about the Chicago style guide, and let's be clear about the White House content guide.”
Blogging points are the new talking points.

CORRECTION (I think): You know, as I read on I realize that the bloggers probably watched the coverage of the hearings from some conference room, as they posted away, but not actually at the hearings.

But to get back to the original point, don't you think that maybe there should be some security concerns for the room where the hearings of Supreme Court nominee will take place. Becase I do believe there is some interest in that room. And while three ministers walking into Capitol Hill at worst could be the opening of a bad joke, maybe some sort of “evil ones” (sounds like a Bush quote anyway) seeking to plant some not so stupid bombs, you know, might be an idea that was thrown around.

I don't lose sleep over that security stuff, but damn if it just didn't sound plain dumb.

And that concludes another exercise in labyrinthine, non-reader-friendly blogging.

Maybe next time I'll finally get to 2005 music post I've been threatening to do. (On paper, I don't think the threats have appeared in the form of a post.)

New Year, Same Blog

I have no changes to this blog to announce in the new year. There are no New Year's resolutions. I'm not giving you anything to look forward to. No promises. No grandiose statements. Nothing new. It's the same old crap.

So there'll be no disappointment on anyone's behalf in the future. No reader will think to themselves somewhere around July, “Hey wasn't he going to…?” Because…No, he wasn't. He never said anything like that. At best readers can hope to be surprised that there are posts now and again, with at least a quarter of as much thought as I've put into this one.