Time better spent blogging has been more often spent at The Hype Machine. It's an mp3 blog aggregator/archive. If this were the eighties, there would be some type of metal band named AGGREGATOR with a record album cover that would look heavy as fuck, with some skulls thrown around for good measure. And some type of evil ass font that would just cry out to be on the back of your denim jacket. Fuck yeah.

tbimb post no. 4080

backpain. physical therapy. diaper changes. schedule changes. repairs. price quotes. recycling. cans to the curb. contractors. IRA contributions. empty water bottles. wistfulness. icepacks. ratchet sets. ftp sites. gas pump comparison. lack of sleep. anti-inflammatories. liquid glucosamine searches. deposit slips. balance transfers. space-saving techniques. short attention span. buyers remorse. prescription drugs. there's a dam in my stream of consciousness. it now flows like a 70 year old with prostate troubles. where's my lycopene?