Bloc Party

I've been recommending Bloc Party people lately. Not that I expect anybody to get airplay anymore, but still I think K-Rock in New York could throw a crumb to these guys and play “Banquet”. I sent my buddy Zimm over to the .com and .net namesakes for mp3s, since there's definitely a good primer available between the two. I also recommended my them to my friend Wayne also.

In passing I mentioned them as what Coldplay or U2 would sound like if they were really good, or something like that. But when I listen to Silent Alarm I don't think they sound like either band. So really I guess if someone liked either of those bands, and there are at least a handful, they would like Bloc Party. Well, only if they past the fact that the only way the songs will be drilled into their skull is if they play them over and over and over for themselves. There are also a lot of Gang of Four mentions in review of Bloc Party, I see where they come from, but I only just picked up Entertainment recently. So basically I'm just namedropping. In summary, whether you love or hate U2 or Coldplay, you'll like Bloc Party, or you won't, but you probably will. My taste is not your taste. I'm kind of jumping back and forth in this post right now. I kind of signed off like 5 minutes but skipped back up here to type some more.

I'm sleepy now and sleep is a rare commodity in my house right now (an infant will do that to you), so I'll make my links and be back next month, if not later today.

From the Mouths of Babes

Kids say the darndest things don't they?

I mean, umm, repeat the darndest things. Darnedest. It sure looks funny when you type it. I know its only slang, is there a spellchecker for that? Wow, MS Word knew exactly what I was talking about. It feels weird giving Microsoft some credit for something besides owning the planet.

The anedcote is from the blog of writer, Cherie Priest, who I know absolutely nothing about. Except this exchange she heard in McDonald's, maybe I should stop my personal boycott of the place.

I wasted too much time looking for an appropriate graphic in this post and didn't find one. Ah well.

DVD Deals has a 20% off deal going on through Thursday. And they are typically the cheapest to begin with (but shop around anyway, don't just take my word for it). But they are already low priced, they don't charge shipping and they are taking 20% off everything.

I make no money on this deal. I just like to pass deals along to my friends if they are worth wasting the time of reading yet another blog posting.

IMPORTANT: to get the extra 20% off, enter the coupon code SUPERSALE in the promotion code box upon checkout to receive your discount.

This ends 6/25/05.

Void where prohibited.

I felt like adding that.

Good day.

Cheat Codes GTA San Andreas PC

I fondly recall the days of posting about edisoncarter and his cheat codes for GTA: San Andreas. The PC version is out now so here's a link to edisoncarter's cheat codes for PC.

The PS2 community owes a great deal to edisoncarter for his research endeavors in going where no one else was going to go. At least not as quickly, in delving into the unknown netherworlds within San Andreas. He has no booth at E3. There is no Hall of Fame for him. But he looks not for thanks and praise, just for more cheat codes.


I just heard that there's a drive-in movie theatre in New Jersey again. It's in Vineland which is nowhere near where I live, but still I feel better knowing that it's there. I remember going to see the Pink Panther movies at the old Amboy drive-in movie theatre before it became the Amboy Multiplex, which is closing soon as well. Something about the floor sinking or something.

Anyway the Delsea Drive-In is open and is playing Revenge of the Sith to boot. Taking Star Wars back into the 70's.

Gee, thanks.

Apple will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Sort of. They'll pay you for about 10% of the burger which will probably get you the bottom half of the bun without the juiciness of the burger soaked into it. Now if the bun was a nice kaiser roll, perhaps you could make an argument for this deal. But I'm willing to bet that you can get a lot more for your old iPod than the 10% off the purchase of a new one offered by Apple.

I'm really surprised to hear of Apple getting in bed with Intel for future chips. All I would imagine this would do is encourage Intel to slow down the releases of faster chips even more than they already do. If both Macs and PCs are run by Intel chips, what's going to drive the market. I would have liked to see Apple get behind AMD who has always been there to keep Intel in check. They do not nearly have the market share, but this will make it a little tougher to keep Intel honest.

Apple, you know, “think different”, and all that business. It would just make sense for Apple to go with AMD. The whole “Macs are faster” argument would fall by the wayside when the chips are the same, wouldn't it? If Apple's goal is to make the transition to Macs that much easier for the PC user, you know, so much easier that it doesn't seem any different, well then why would a PC user want to pay a few hundred more to get a Mac.

PC users aren't as spellbound by Steve Jobs as much as the hardcore Apple users, so before the assimilation process into PCs edges further toward completion, Apple has to think about whether they want to continue to hold their place in the computer market, or become an iPod company.