Rockets for Everyone

Recruits get rocket launchers if they don't already have them. Sounds like the United States supplying weapons to Iraq to fight the Soviet Union. If you are up on history, you could substitute Iraq and Soviet Union with many other nations. Treat it like MadLibs (no, not him, but his beats are sick, so get the Madvillain CD), then google the results and see how randomly accurate you can possibly be. And as an interesting sidebar, look for how many times these situations have bit the U.S. in the ass (aka “blowback”) And check how many times we've armed other countries against the previously armed countries.

Random thought: Could peace be achieved through every nation having nuclear weapons? Then nobody could use them. And we'd have less pissing matches. I don't actually think I would like this reality, but I do believe the countries the U.S. tries to prevent from having them just need something in their pocket, so they won't get pushed around. They don't want to use them either. I know a guy who's business was robbed multiple times and now keeps a gun in his desk. He doesn't want to use it, but he doesn't want his stuff to be taken either. Or his natural resources. Whatever, I'm not sure I even wanted to think about having an opinion or typing this kind of crap right now. It just ended up that way. And by making this addition (edition?) to the middle of this post has crushed any likelihood of flow into the next paragraph. And that's really what hurt by arms discussions and political opinion, blog continiuity.

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Maybe this wasn't always true, but today it is, since I've barely had time to post, yet breathe. You know you're busy when breathing needs to be written on your to-do list.

thisblogismyblog – your home for meandering, unending posts of little interest to most. (ok so does that comment also make this the home for self-deprecation, given the time of year I'm surprised I didn't just type depreciation.)

the pain ends now.

hasta luego.

Slut Magnet

Hey! edisoncarter's back with Slut Magnet. It's there. Go ahead and scroll down a bit. Just when I thought I'd never make another GTA: San Andreas post. I'm having a bitch of a time with flying, although I really haven't had the time and/or made the time for the requisite level of immersion. (For all the cheats I've posted, I like to complete my missions boy scout style. Well sort of, I mean this is GTA , if there were merit badges for carjacking, mayhem, arson, murder, and fornication, well maybe he's reach Eagle Scout status.) I'll try to earn my wings cleanly, but we'll see how long that takes.

Addicted to Airborne

I love this stuff. I work at a job where I shake many hands a day. And in wintertime many of those hands have been covering coughs, catching sneezes, wiping noses, and all sorts of fun things to bring a little more bacteria in my life. My mother-in-law handed me a tube of Airborne, and whether or not its really helping me, I'm hooked to its lemony-lime goodness. (not too keen on the spicy orange, I must say). I did already have a bit of a cold when she first handed it to me, but it didn't last long. And I've withstood the kiddie germs in my house and whatever else my clients could muster up since. Oh yeah and the art on the box is sweet.

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Hunter S. Thompson killed. Probably. Perhaps.

I love the whiff of a conspiracy theory as I awake each morning like smell of fresh coffee wafting up to my bedroom. I don't drink coffee every moring, mind you, but I grew up with that smell, so now its a bit of personal nostalgia. When Hunter S. Thompson “shot himself”, I suspected to hear conspiracy theories much sooner. He's made a career of pissing people off his whole life, and many of those in government, he recently had a book out about the Bush family, and now we hear that he had some proof of explosive devices inside the World Trade Center.

Did the government or Illuminati “suicide” him? Or was it the PGA for his newly-proposed “Shotgun Golf”. As curious as I am, I'll take the Messenger Puppet's advice and remain as cheap as I am. So, no, I haven't paid to read The Globe and Mail's content.

I remember how the reigning conspiracy king, William Cooper (Milton William Cooper) was killed shortly after 9/11. And these people don't just die, do they?

Open Letter to ESPN: Fix your Hunter S Thompson archive already. You still suck.

Hey, Messenger Puppet, thanks for the links.


I now know how little I know about Lebanon and Syria. Juan Cole dropped some science into what now seems like my walnut-sized brain. But I can't blame the grey matter itself, perhaps that I wasn't taught this stuff in school, and then never sought out the information, or for that matter even cared. So my brain has to take some of the heat for this.

I guess the only thing I realized already was that Ariel Sharon is a butcher, and has been a butcher for at least 20 years.