Pac-Man, Atkins-style

: : guimp pacman : :

Tiny Pac-Man for tiny attention spans. The latest in discreet non-productivity.

For those who want to flaunt their insubordination at work, try Rocket Bob instead.

And if you can't get enough of little tiny dots after playing guimp pacman, try The Incredible Zombie Machine. If anyone asks, you're constructing real-time corporate disaster scenarios to devise an undead containment strategy in order to prevent an inopportune infestation from affecting 2nd quarter earnings. Wall Street does not like to hear about zombie problems, clean-up expenses can really sabotage your ROI. You may even get a promotion. And if you can figure out a way to isolate the zombies and have them perform repetitive tasks…Hey! Wait a minute…asdjg;lqerwt3[jqerg,asfmdgm.sfqre;wkjafsnm,g.asfasfgargjkxc,x,







New GTA San Andreas Cheats Not Found by edisoncarter!

Or franklinclinton or einsteinkennedy for that matter. It was starting to become inconceivable that someone else would come up with cheats. Legislators were ready to bring Sherman-Antitrust act charges upon edisoncarter. It's a good thing adamcs came along. Now edisoncarter can continue on with his research without big government rifling through his underwear drawer.

Wow! It's like finding out the truth about Santa Claus. Or learning that Michael Jordan is human.

Anyway, the first cheat for February is “Recruit Anyone”. Here's the synopsis: “Pedestrians carry guns. Recruit anyone and build up a small army!”

I'm not sure how to type the sound of drool being wiped from my face. This cheat would best be used before leaving Los Santos during the turf wars. Supposedly the turf wars open up again when you return to Los Santos, but since I've just opened up the flight school, I can't speak from experience.