Mock Coronations: Less than $40 Million

The president talks about winning the election as if it were a landslide. “The American people have spoken.” He does realize that a large number of people did not vote for him. Doesn't he? Pharmaceutical companies release drugs that are effective 45% of the time, when the control group shows 35% effective. And they consider this a breakthrough, as well.

If I'm to follow Bush's math or the corporate drug world's equations, then when my son brings home an algebra test someday with a score of 53, I should adamantly opposed to the school system's view of this as a failing grade. If my son's score is above 50, it's a mandate from God that he is a genius, and should be awarded the finest meats and cheeses available, along with a college scholarship to pursue astrophysics or whatever else he wants to choose, since he's clearly fucking brilliant and the un-American grading system is denying his potential for divine greatness. Is it possible the school system doesn't love freedom, and hates my son because he loves freedom?

I like hearing about mock coronations, especially when they use Shepard Fairey influenced artwork. Hence, the links to The Artist Glazunov's Laughitov.

Hey Man, Nice Party. Where's my Vehicle Armor?

This was too good not to link to. And it would be wonderful if someday, my last 2 out of 3 posts don't reference the Accordion Guy's blog.

Judy Bachrach makes a great point, and drives it home. And Brigitte Quinn just makes it worse by trying to go toe-to-toe with her. She's severely out matched. She asks Judy how she would plan the party. Brilliant retort, Dumbass. Judy Bachrach could have said anything from “Get those little hot dog Oer d'oevres” (I seriously doubt that's spelled correctly) to “I wouldn't spend $40 million dollars” to “doy doy doy–how would you plan the party—doy doy doy”, and still make Brigitte Quinn look like an idiot.

Last time I checked, part of the Bush “base” were a group of people that called themselves “conservatives”. I can't see how anybody could argue for the lavish spending on inaugural parties. Even the guys who want to turn Iraq into a parking lot can see that.

Ms. Quinn would have done just as well to let Judy Bachrach make her point and move forward, but I'm glad she didn't.

Ninjai: Chapter 11

No they're not filing for bankruptcy, although they do claim they're broke.

Now that Chapter 11 is up, it's probably a good time to catch up on the rest.

And just because he's acute little ninja, don't think he's for the Caillou crowd. Which reminds me of a scene overheard at a local Gamestop the other day.

A mother is in there asking the sales clerk about the price she saw on line for GTA: Vice City. He tells her that's an online only price, but that she could get a copy for $19.99. So she calls over to her child who wants the game, who is about 6 years old. So the clerk tells her, you know this game isn't really for kids, and runs off the list of vices in the game for her, mature content, violence, drug use, strong sexual relations, offensive language, that kind of stuff. The mother was a little taken aback, and then told her kid, that perhaps they should pick something else.

I'm glad the clerk informed the mom of this upon recognizing who it was for, yet I'm a little surprised that a title like Vice City didn't start her mom-dar senses tingling. I might find this exchange more interesting than it appears out of context, the Hollywood version would have the mom get upset at the clerk questioning her, accusing him of trying to tell her how the raise the children, and buying the game anyway. But this is New Jersey, not Hollywood, real thing happen here, sometimes bizarre, sometimes inconsequential yet real.

Ok…you're finished reading. Go away.

For the Love of Dave

Great find by the Accordion Guy. I am amazed and happy that such a video exists, I can only imagine what was going through the head of new Wendy's employees when they watched this video. Who is this mystery MC? I guess his rhymes are on the positive tip, nothing about guns, drugs, bitches. Just burgers, and grill etiquette. Recommended for those who enjoyed Lamar's rhymes in Revenge of the Nerds. And infinitely better than Carl Lewis' ill-advised music video.

You know, I can deal with Olympic athletes drunk driving, taking performance enhancing drugs, that kind of thing. But seeing a champion like Carl Lewis denigrate himself in a low budget piece of 80's cheese, the Olympic committee should strip him of his medals for the make-up and haircut alone. I watch the video waiting for the scene where Grace Jones comes along and kicks the living shit out of him. This video makes Starship look like Parliament-Funkadelic. What's next Bruce Jenner doing Tampax commercials? Michael Phelps for Epilady. Well, the latter is probably not too far a stretch.

The footage of Carl Lewis in Atomic Twister is a bit more respectable. Although I'm half expecting it to turn into a Nike commercial with Carl outrunning the tornado with just enough time to warn the sheriff and began evacuating the townsfolk.


I know, pretty silly. Courtesy of the Official Blue Hell Exploration Team. For those of you looking to explore the Blue Hell in GTA: Vice City. There's a reason retro gamers exist, right?

Looking for an appropriate accompanying image to my title led me to this. The Back to the Future Tour.

And the BHET also has a collection of the Monkeyman/Bigfoot pics for your enjoyment. It looks like there's no Sasquatch in GTA: San Andreas after all. But I'm there are those who still believe.

San Andreas Waterworld

From now on I should just go straight to edisoncarter's site. He's got a cheat for the GameShark that raises the water lever throughout the streets of San Andreas.

And of course, there's a movie. (The link should work here, it needed to be edited on ed's site.)

Read further down on his site for info on spawning boats, a must for the newly created canals on the GTA landscape.

He's also remarked about a potential cheat for Mother Nature taking back the streets to give the appearance of an overgrown post-nuclear world. This would work well coupled with the cheat that eliminates the car traffic and causes all pedestrians to attack you. Kind of a 28 Days Later motif. It would be even better if there was a cheat just to spawn those zombie looking guys in Palomino Creek.

Someone should start talking to the guys who made the GTA Leatherface movie about this.