Despite the Wisdom of Yoda, Sometimes There is Try

My son ate a blueberry today. One. He didn't like it. But he tried it. That's kind of important.

My other son caught a ball for what may be the first time. He's tried it before, and now he's done it. Good for him.

My wife made a shrimp salad with dill and snow peas today. She never made it before, and didn't have a recipe, but she remembered something she ate somewhere about 10 years ago. She tried something, and it was good.

I was just getting to the point where I couldn't come up with anything new that I attempted today. But I did try something.

Her shrimp salad.

And it was good.

photo by audreyjm529

The Cult of Lar

I'm amazed at what actually makes me go from “Gee! That would make a great blog posting.” to the actual logging in and typing and making with the linky-linky. I think some of my best ideas have retreated to the 95% of my brain we feeble humans are incapable of using.

So why am I posting today? I'm really not sure. Sometimes I have a fascination for the mundane, the seemingly useless, or the completely stupid. Maybe I realize somethings are only stupid skin deep, and all those somethings are really smart on the inside. And yes, I mean somethings, I'm using it to describe a singular unnamed or possibly vague individual thing (or a just one concept, event, phenomena alone in a vcacuum), and not a group of …you know I do this some times and it really works…but right now I'm not feeling the “really works” part. Sorry for the brain tease, but let's get back to why I'm posting.

I added Lar as a friend. You know one of those friends. Lar looks a little like my one sister's dumpster diving neighbor, except a bit younger. But that's irrelevant.

I added Lar because when I looked at Lar's profile, I looked at Lar's other friends. Not because they were “Cool New People” (another post in itself, perhaps), but because there were a lot of Lar's (plural, does the apostrophe go there?) It seems that Lar searched or ran a script to find anyone with “lar” in their profile name, and then invite them to be friends.

Does everyone have an urge to belong to something? Is that why I felt like I needed to add Lar as a friend? Do I even still want to finish this post now that I've been bullshitting with my nephew for the last half hour?

I can't answer any of that. But I'm a Lar. And I'll always be one. Perhaps I'll even join Lar's for Lar.

So this isn't essential linking or anything. Just commentary on searching for Lar's in the world we live in. But if you're a Lar, too, there's a place for you in this crazy, mixed-up, online world.

Bo Knows Tecmo, and Apparently I Don't Know How to Save

There's too much going on in my head right now. And none of it can describe how irritated I am by my own stupidity, because for the umpteenth time, I did not open a separate browser window and consequently lost my entire post. And, here I sit with less of an urge to try to recapture the rare magic that comes along when a post flows beautifully from my fingertips to its pixelcoated fruition.

I sit here with more of an urge to throw things, a complete counterproductive measure that will not prove anything, except that it will fortify my claim of stupidity since it's highly likely that such throwing would wake up my not quite two year old in the adjoining room. There's a reason time's are listed on blog posts, so shift your irises and peek somewhere nearby and things will make sense.

Alright. Spit out the rest. Post what you were gonna post, and get out.

I found a video clip that reminded me of how dominant Bo Jackson was in the original Tecmo Bowl game for the NES. Actually Game | Life found it, or GorillaMask.

Well, I wouldn't have found it if I wasn't searching for an online version of an article on Lord British that just appeared in Wired. (Didn't find it, by the way.)

But Game | Life featured the unstoppable, uncontainable, un-hip-injured 8-bit Bo Jackson footage in a post about the next Tecmo Bowl. It's safe to say I won't be pre-ordering that one. I'm not sure the current generation of systems could reproduce the fun quotient of the first two Tecmo Bowl releases. The beauty of Tecmo Bowl was in its simplicity.

And I still think the picture on the box looks like Robin Williams from that football movie he did with Kurt Russell. Was it called The Best of Times? [Blogger jumps to new window to fact-check,then returns to finish post.] Yes, it was.

When the Time Comes…


For the last couple weeks, I've been talking and thinking about posts, and at last when there's a free moment the tank is empty. I seem to be changing into more of a morning person than an evening person, but the evening is still when the optimum times for me to post come up. This is one of those “take up space” kindof posts, that only serves to remind me, that indeed, I'm still here.