Will you Eat Cloned Eggs and Ham?

No sir, No sir, not with yams.

Not tomorrow, not today.

Not according to the FDA.

Will they label the cloned meat?

No sir, no sir, not this week.

Not tomorrow, no not ever.

FDA may not be clever.

Is it safe? Wait and see.

Try some, no, not I, not me.

I do not want cloned eggs and ham.

I don't. that's just the way I am.

A little Seussical fun with a serious topic. You can send comments to the FDA regarding your feelings on cloned meat. Here's the link to the docket. Here's the link to the comment area.

If this stuff is going on the market, it should at the very least be labeled so the consumer can tell the difference, and make their choice. Yes, they say cloned meat is safe. Yet, there's no history of humans eating cloned meat over time to determine if it really is safe. And they'll still feed these cloned cows the same GMO-corn and hormones and whatever else they can concoct, so Lord only knows what the entire concoction will yield.

This has been a public service announcement from thisblogismblog.

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