New Year's Easter Egg

I meant to post about this previously, but there's a lot of things I meant to post about previously, and unlike those I remembered this one. Sort of.

What I meant to post was how if you played The Simpsons Road Rage on Christmas Day, you would be able top play as Christmas Apu. So, just in time for New Year's, I'll remind you that you can play as New Years Krusty (scroll down to “Seasonal Characters”) on guess when, yep, January 1st. I believe there are cheat codes to play as these characters, and there's always the option of adjusting the clock on your PS2, but it's always more fun to discover this for the first time, on the associated holiday.

Happy New Year. (No exclamation point since I kind of just said it. In my head, there was no exclaiming, so no need for the vertical punctuation that we all love and probably tend to overuse.)

On that note, I believe !!! has a new album out.

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