Role Models Can Play Video Games

When I read this strip from Running in the Halls, I knew I wanted to post about it. I am that strange breed of adult that confounds the younger folk with video game knowledge. And it's really not so strange, my generation grew up with video games, and for the most part they are certainly more geared for adults than they were years ago. But I don't think it's the adult thing that stops many from continuing playing. It's the time thing.

I really just like this Running in the Halls strip. I'm not certain how I feel about this post. If this post was an action movie, some car chase scene with lots of explosions would try to save it. But it's not a movie. And car chase scenes don't save a piece of shit movie.

Not that I feel this way about this post. I'm actually starting to feel a bit better about it.

The lone blogger clicks save and rides off into the sunset.

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